Enjin Room: Enjin’s New Website & Growth Across Industries

Enjin announced that they’ll be launching their new, revamped website next week in an effort to further reduce friction points for users new to the NFT space, and make it easy for businesses and developers to launch their projects using Enjin’s networks. 

Preview of Upcoming Website

They offered a look at the website during Monday’s Ecosystem Update, revealing a minimalist landing page emblazoned with short use-cases for NFTs, and massive QR code pointing to their wallet. The wallet, according to Enjin’s VP of communications, Bryana Kortendick, is the portal to the metaverse, and it couldn’t possibly be easier to enter. 

“You don’t have to know anything about this technology, all you need to know is how to scan a QR code,” she said.

Upon scanning the code, the user immediately receives an Enjin specific NFT in their Enjin wallet. 

The rest of the website continues to lead the user through more in depth use cases for NFTs, and how Enjin’s networks and products can easily facilitate anyone’s foray into this corner of the crypto world. It’s another mark along Enjin’s journey to becoming an all-purpose NFT solution, and in their update video they take care to note the array of entities who could make use of their products. 

“There’s a different journey everybody takes, there’s the journey individuals take, there’s a journey businesses take, and there’s a journey for developers,” said CGO Ilija Rolovic, emphasizing the word journey, and Enjin’s focus on user experience.  

Enjin Looks Across Industries

Many people know Enjin as a gaming, metaverse centered company, but this website update, alongside the upcoming launch of Efinity and Beam show the company as growing beyond their original niche

“We’re in kind of a unique position right now, gaming is where our roots are, and it will continue to be a core piece of our future…What we’re seeing is that there’s much wider applicability with this technology….and we have specific technology like Enjin Beam which enables these collaborations really seamlessly,” said Kortendick. 

The comments on YouTube were generally positive and people seemed excited about Enjin’s recent projections. It was mostly the same over on Twitter, though the platform ushered in a more impatient crowd, who repeatedly asked the age old question for Enjin: wen staking?

The answer to which, as you can guess, is soon. 

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