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NFT gaming continues to be a primary space for innovation and utility. Etherjump may do something truly unique to innovate in the space, allowing collectors to create interactive micro platformer levels that are accessible and playable to all.  Imagine the utility that comes from popular levels gaining ERC20 tokens based on number of playthroughs, etc.  The future is coming fast and EtherJump is doing some really cool stuff.

Etherjump is a fully customizable platformer game that allows anyone to design their own levels using our in-house level designer interface, and own that game as an interactive NFT, fully playable on OpenSea and their client.
Built on a custom game engine, Etherjump is inspired by a number of our favorite platformers, creating a satisfying and enjoyable player experience, while also implementing radical and innovative blockchain technologies to bring this traditional style of gaming into a modern light.


Yesterday we had Zeneca buying in some, which brought the general public attention. Some comments from the team on their Discord about tokenomics also helped and kept the hype train moving together with their promise to a second collection of Avatars soon, which will be free to claim for every 1 plot you own.


Generative EtherJump Avatars

We plan to build an MMO-style multiplayer gaming lobby: a way to explore the Etherjump gaming ecosystem in a more immersive and social manner, accessible by anyone for free.

Etherjump Avatars will be fully playable and integrated throughout the gaming lobby Avatars are for players who want to earn $JUMP while playing games, but are not required in order to gain accessIn addition to Etherjump Levels and Etherjump Worlds, we will add additional games for players to play, and for Avatars to earn $JUMP.

Capped supply (TBD)

  • Holders of the genesis mint will be able to claim a free avatar
  • These Avatars will have randomized cosmetic traits
  • The Avatars will be upscaled to facilitate more traits
  • Avatars will be playable throughout the Etherjump ecosystem and will have $JUMP integration
  • Merge Avatars together to increase $JUMP yield


You can read more about EtherJump from the following links:


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