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Strange. Beautiful. Holy. Profane. An icon can inspire a generation, define a moment, kickstart a revolution.

Ours starts with 10,000 genesis NFTs.

The goal: to create an immersive storytelling platform for the metaverse generation.

Join a community of creators and tastemakers, and claim your EY3K0N NFT to get exclusive access and perks that no currency can buy.

Don’t just watch the story, be part of it.

Become an EY3K0N.

Creating an immersive storytelling platform for the #metaverse generation.

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About the Project

The project started with a couple of friends imagining the future of interactive entertainment and what that might look like.  The team combined with some of the greatest creative minds in the space and the vision continued to grow. Most of the details about the project remain a bit cryptic but it has backing of some of the major influencers in the space (including Pranksy and Liam Payne) and we have verified that there is more here than meets the eye. as always DYOR


EY3K0N NFT Project Roadmap


    Discover a universe of iconic characters in the interactive gallery. From future-fashion to cyber- enhancement trends. Find your EY3KON
  • RADIO – In Progress
    Tune in to S0N1C SOUNDS RADIO for an in-world audio experience. Keep an ear out for news, clues, updates, AMA’s, exclusive DJ sets and a mashup of future sounds
  • GAME – In Design
    We’re bringing together some of the world’s top creative minds to reimagine the future of immersive storytelling. Surprises in store. Keep an EY3 out for the breadcrumbs.


  • DROPS – Ongoing
    NFT holders can expect exclusive access to original comics, one-of-a-kind artist originals and other limited edition content.
  • FASHION/Collabs – In Design
    The EY3KON Community can look forward to sporting iconic pieces via limited edition swag and streetwear drops.
  • EVENTS – Cooking
    Become an EY3KON, literally. With a background in creating groundbreaking festivals and immersive experiences, you know it’s going to kick off. VEY3P’s only.



  • ON SCREEN – Dreaming big
    Our big vision is to explore a whole new sub-genre of entertainment, an interactive experience that pours onto the big screen. Get in at the start.

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