FAN3 Presents Inclusion: Nifty Gateway Drop Today –

Today is the day. After an awesome lead up from the team at Fan3, the project is finally their INCLUSION curated drop with Nifty Gateway. This drop will include art from 8 unique and diverse artists with individual styles.

The Diverse NFT artists include:

You can learn more about the FAN3 Drop on Nifty gateway here.

In addition to the drop, they are using proceeds to support emerging creators from minority communities who would benefit from Gen3


Current NFT Mentors Include

  • Bill Elis
  • Jason Ebeyer
  • Swopes
  • Maalavidaa
  • SillyGabe
  • Swolfchan
  • Young&Sick
  • Vector Meldrew
  • Amber Guzman
  • Andre O’Shea
  • Stephy Fung
  • Pixel Lion
  • David Bianchi
  • Tina Eisen
  • Tom Yoo. 

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