Frog Party, Solana’s Social MMO, Excites Users with Pre-Sale and Roadmap

Frog Party, Solana’s social MMO, is making waves in the NFT Space with its pre-sale, roadmap and alpha version. As of press time, the team confirmed that they have already reached 70% Pre-sale mints out of the 1,111 Frogboys Pre-sale supply.

The team is running user acquisition and community-building efforts side-by-side because it already has a functional project. Unlike other soon-t0-launch games, they already have a demo version of the game that’s already multiplayer playable. Meanwhile, the alpha version is exclusive to pre-sale NFT holders. 

Frog Party stands out from most of the play-to-earn games because it already has a fully functional game.   Credit: Frog Party

Project Highlights: Ready for the Frog Party on Solana?

Frogboys is a collection of 8,888 unique frogs on the Solana network. 444 Frogboys are rare and 44 are ultra-rare. They are randomly generated from a wide variety of assets made by our artist Runninblood. The rarity also affects the value of the NFTs because Rare Frogboys and ultra-rare Frogboys yield more rewards than regular Frogboys.

Basically, you need a frog to play the game. Frogboys are generation 1 frogs that allow users to earn $LILYPAD tokens. These are the tokens the frogs use to make transactions within the game’s ecosystem. Moreover, you need to use $LILYPAD in order to mint BattleFrogs or Generation 2 frogs.

Fun and party-loving frogboys are headed to the play-to-earn game. Credit: Frog Party

As the name suggests, Battlefrogs battle other players in the game to gain more $LILYPAD tokens. In addition, the winner also gets the $LILYPAD of the opponent. Each Battefrog has its own unique fighting style.

The community and NFT influencers on Youtube are praising the playable demo version of the game. You simply need to type your name and click connect to try it out. The overall aesthetics gives off Pokemon vibes, which makes it very notalgic. Aside from the gameplay, users can already have fun by interacting with other players.

Roadmap and Reception So Far

According to the website, 15% of mint sales will go to Treasury Funds. The team commits to spending this allotment to benefit Frogboy holders through the in-game events and minigames. Meanwhile, 35% of all secondary market fees will also be put towards the benefit of Frogboy holders. These fees will be collected in the FrogDAO so the community can vote on how these funds will be spent.

A key strength of the project, aside from the fully functional game, is its solid team. For example, project manager and partnerships head MattCS has a solid social media following on Youtube with over 402 subscribers. This is crucial especially because NFT projects are launching left and right and scammers are also keeping up. So establishing reliability and track record is an edge in the eyes of users.

Are you interested to party with the frog NFTs? You can still mint some frogs for 0.8 SOL per frogboy. The team is yet to announce the public sale price, so stay tuned on their official Twitter account.

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