The journey begins in early 2022 when Futera United NFTs go on general sale.

To mint one of our NFTs on launch day, you’ll need a Metamask wallet and some Ethereum (0.07 per NFT, but also remember there will be Gas fees).

To keep up to date with everything going on with FUTERA UNITED including the latest news on launch dates, please join our social communities!

We have partnered with Futera United to give 100 NFTeducation.org followers whitelist access for their upcoming mint, while giving 10 lucky people a chance to get a physical version of their Futera NFT.

Here’s some info from Futera about their project: – Generative NFT Soccer Player cards by a 32-year established sports card company. – Launch 20th January 2022. 

  • Phase One Utility: Found a real-life Soccer Club where NFT holders will vote on all key decisions. -We’ve signed an agreement for the Club’s facilities. -Introducing to the NFT market an option to choose your player’s skin tone once minted. Like ‘building a player’ on FIFA. -Merch store; fans can show their support while watching live streams of the matches.
  • Phase Two: Gamification of your Player, a chance to play and earn – follow along as your player navigates their career. About Futera: Established in 1989, the Futera brand is synonymous with quality, Limited Edition cards, and innovative card collectibles.
  • Futera are an official license holder for Premier League clubs Liverpool, Arsenal & Manchester City, plus European giants Paris Saint-Germain and FC Barcelona.  
  • The project will include a utility that will surely get sports fans worldwide very excited; founding a Soccer club, Futera United. 
  • Futera NFT holders will essentially help run Futera United, a club based in Asia. 
  • Supporters will be given a chance to help build all facets of the Club, including; Team logo design, Jersey design, management selection, and player recruitment. 
  • Every aspect of the journey will be documented and streamed online. 
  • Once part of the priority list, NFTeducation.org readers will guarantee their purchase before the public sale. -10 x people that sign up, and purchase, will receive a physical card of their Futera United NFT.
  •  How to join: Complete the Google Form to reserve you spot to buy: forms.gle/vftW4ZTnvaFyAm
  • Then jump in our discord: discord.gg/futeraunited
  • Website: futeraunited.com


Join us on a journey like no other as the FUTERA UNITED community, backed by blockchain technology, creates a real Football Club from the foundations up!

Futera is a Trading Card Publisher with over three decades in the collectibles space.

When you buy a FUTERA UNITED NFT, not only do you get a rare Futera collectible, but you’ll become part of an online community creating and managing a real Football Team!  With games streamed live, you’ll vote on key tactics such as the Team’s playing style, formation, substitutes and more as the game plays out live on the pitch!

Our NFT project ‘FUTERA UNITED’ comprises 7,700 programmatically-generated NFT soccer cards featuring unique traits and rarity. An exciting Roadmap will feature competitions and prizes, gamification and storification elements via sub-communities (#teams). We’ll also make an impact on grassroots football with charitable donations of kits, training-wear, coaching, and help for underprivileged communities to enjoy the beautiful game.

Our NFTs provide real utility. They bridge the gap between the physical and the digital world. When you mint a FUTERA UNITED NFT, you’re not just another NFT owner, you’re part of a community with aspirations to make an impact in the real world.

Our goal (excuse the pun) is to win the Asian Champions League!  – we need to build a strong community of passionate fans to help drive this project forward.

As a FUTERA UNITED NFT holder, not only will you be able to watch the Team’s games live and vote on key decisions, you can also enjoy the excitement, fun and challenge of the hobby of trading card collecting.

As part of the Roadmap, you’ll be able to purchase a physical version of your FUTERA UNITED NFT, and get exclusive access to some great trading card drops.

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