Galatasaray, Turkey’s leading Sports Club, Steps Into NFTs With Bitget

Galatasaray, Turkey’s top sports club have stepped into NFTs through their sponsorship with Bitget. Bitget will be involved with both their football team and basketball team and will be featured on multiple platforms and media assets. The company are a crypto exchange that says they are a copy trading platform and derivatives exchange. In addition to their deal with Galatasaray, they also work with Team Spirit (eSports), Juventus (football/soccer) and PGL (eSports).

Galatasaray and global crypto exchange, Bitget have announced their partnership.

About the Partnership

Now completed is a sponsorship deal between Galatasaray, the leading Turkish sports club, and Bitget, the major global cryptocurrency exchange. The mutually beneficial relationship allows the crypto exchange to leverage the well-known sports team to build brand awareness. While also allowing sports fans and crypto enthusiasts to learn about the thriving crypto space. Also, the sponsorship deal with Galatasaray will see Bitget featured on multiple platforms and media assets across Turkish sports giant’s football team and basketball team. The deal follows Bitget’s recent engagement with famous Italian football club, Juventus.

Galatasaray is Turkey’s most prominent football club and has been working with Capital Sports Media for the last year. In October 2021, Capital Block, the NFT division of Capital Sports Media, advised Galatasaray on its first NFT ‘drop’. This featured NFTs of Ali Sami Yen and sold out in only 59 seconds.

 “We are extremely pleased to be announcing this partnership with Galatasaray, a leading Turkish sports club with a dedicated history. Turkey has demonstrated significant interest in the crypto sector. We look forward to growing our community in this market as we continue to lead educational and knowledge sharing opportunities within the space. We are always keen to partner with like-minded partners to continue to grow the blockchain ecosystem and bring value to our users.”, said Bitget’s CEO.

Additionally, more NFTs and crypto-based projects released from Galatasaray may come soon with their new partnership with Bitget.

About Galatasaray

Galatasaray is a sports organisation that is based in Istanbul, Turkey. They have several teams within the organisation, for example: football, basketball, tennis, equestrian, volleyball, eSports and more.

Their mens’ football team, Galatasaray SK or AS, compete in the Turkish SuperLig and UEFA competitions. In their history, some of their biggest players of all time have included Gheorghe Hagi, Wesley Sneijder, Didier Drogba and Radamel Falcao. They have won 22 SuperLig titles, 18 Turkish Cups and 1 UEFA Cup and UEFA Super Cup.

Furthermore, their men’s basketball team competes in the Basketball Super Ligi and the Champions League. They have won 16 Turkish Championships, 3 Turkish Cups, 2 Turkish Super Cups and 1 EuroCup. Their rosters all-time have included several current and former NBA players.

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