Gary Vee just announced the second set of speakers for VeeCon 2022

If the first speaker announcement didn’t get you off your seats, here’s the second batch of speakers. Gary Vee just dropped another impressive list of NFT hot shots for VeeCon 2022. And guess what? They’re not done yet. The conference team has obviously set the bar high for this event. They are currently still working on bringing in more speakers to Minneapolis this May.

The second batch of speakers includes entrepreneurs, artists, politicians, athletes, crypto exchanges, comedians, and the list goes on. Steve Aoki, Coinbase’s Sanchan Saxena, congressman Tom Emmer, Doodles and CyberKongz are among the list of heavyweights that will grace VeeCon 2022 with their presence.

Hands up if you’re excited for VeeCon 2022! Credit: @veeconference

VeeCon 2022

The VeeConference 2022 is the first NFT conference of its kind. It is essentially an exclusive conference for the holders of the 10,255 VeeFriends NFTs. Personally, I think this is one of the most valuable utilities that NFT ownership has offered to date. Thus far, this annual event is scheduled to run for 3 straight years for this exclusive community.

The event will include iconic keynote speeches, innovative and educational talks, panels and Q&A sessions, and many collaborative experiences. Furthermore, the 4-day conference will prepare a ton of competitions, gatherings, and team sessions for this exclusive community. Most importantly, there will be loads of entertainment throughout the event.

Clearly, these speaker announcements already got people kicking themselves for missing out on VeeFriends. The first batch includes Beeple, Mila Kunis, Kevin Smith, Logan Paul, and many more.

Check out the full list of speakers here, and stay tuned for more!

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