GIF Games, Talao Announce Partnership to Enhance Player Experience

Gif Games, the creator of the NFT game Tezotopia, and Talao, a platform that provides identity solutions for Web3, today announced a partnership to enhance the player experience. With Talao’s technology, Tezotopia’s players can now share their avatars’ identity, all the while respecting the players’ privacy. 

GIF Games, Talao partnership will help enhance the experience of Tezotopia players. Credits: Tezotopia

“The future of gaming is on the blockchain, and we are at the forefront of it,” said  Joab Garza, founder of Tezotopia. “To maximize the experience of users, we have built a versatile digital identity for players, fully actionable for brands, but without sacrificing player privacy. This is our ambition with Talao’s team.”

What the GIF Games, Talao partnership means for Tezotopia players

By integrating Talao’s Passport3 technology, Tezotopia players will be able to prove their identity. In other words, they will be able to prove they are just students, VIPs, or over 18 years of age—all without revealing their data. Basically, players in the Tezotopia metaverse can decide when, with whom, and under what conditions they can share their digital identity’s information with brands or other players. 

So, how exactly is the GIF Games, Talao partnership important? Thierry Thevenet, COO of Talao, explained:

“Web3 applications give users control over their data. but don’t allow platforms to have access to information about their customers. In this context, brands will not be able to leverage their traditional acquisition or retention tools like ads, coupons, or loyalty cards. Our technologies, deployed in Tezotopia Metaverse, will enable them to take full advantage of these tools.”

In a nutshell, players can utilize vouchers or any offers provided by brands, where they are customers, without revealing their identity. Alternatively, they can also “ capitalize on their experience in the game”. From the brands’ perspective, they can recruit gamers for specific acquisition or loyalty programs, while respecting their data privacy. In other words, they can run marketing campaigns in metaverses without exploiting users’ personal data. 

This is all possible due to Talao’s Passport3, a privacy-by-design Identity mobile app that users can use to manage their identity in Web3. Through this technology, Talao helps brands to leverage Web3 and open metaverse economies.

What is Tezotopia?

Tezotopia is an open-world NFT game and marketplace based on the Tezos blockchain. The game allows players to earn from Yield Farming NFTs called Tezotops. Alternatively, they can use their NFTs to battle other players for a chance to win loot boxes filled with rewards. This includes Unobtanium, rare artefacts, and collectibles. Unobtanium is the rarest and most valuable material on Tezotopia. 

In Tezotopia, you can either become a landlord, a warlord or both. Credits: Tezotopia

In addition, players have the option to become either a landlord or a warlord. With the former, players can grow resources and with the latter, they will have to battle for them. As landlords, players can develop buildings on their lands to generate resources. With these resources, they can either create more buildings and an army or sell them on the marketplace. 

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