Gods Unchained Rewards On Weekends Have Now Been Updated

Gods Unchained, a play to earn game, recently announced several rewards with their Ranked Weekend events. To explain, they’ll give out hundreds of card packs every week and even some cards from the latest expansion set.

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Gods Unchained introduces a few changes to the weekend rewards.

Acknowledging the recent issue with De-ranking, the Gods Unchained team will now offer a carrot instead of raising a stick via increasing rewards for Mythic players. Talking in detail, Legendary pack rewards begin earlier at Mythic rank, starting at 15 wins and increasing to up to six Legendary packs total (three Core and three expansion) for 22 wins and up!

Moreover, rewards for expansion packs have also been increased. Even a single Mythic rank victory nets you one rare expansion pack and two rare Core packs! To achieve the same reward level, you must win eight times at the Ethereal Diamond rank! That’s a pretty good reason to stay at Mythic.

However, the update is not for Mythic ranked players. Apart from this, lower ranks received a significant boost in the number of core packs in the form of prizes. Certainly, this will help newer players build up their set of cards.

What about $GODS?

Since the ‘Blessing of the Gods’ event is approaching, the team added $GODS tokens to the Ranked Weekend event reward list. Basically, the $GODS token rewards will be distributed towards higher ranks and higher win levels. Particularly, each player’s rank and the number of wins will decide the number of $GODS tokens.

Another update with the Matchmaking arena

Now, a new system will prioritize matches against the same rank player. That’s not it, if no match is found in the first 60 seconds, the search is extended for one rank in each direction. Players no longer need to be concerned about encountering Mythic players, at least until they reach Ethereal Diamond rank.

To learn more about the full breakdown of the rewards, read here.

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