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Created in early 2018, Sky Mavis, a technology company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, that specializes in blockchain and video games, introduced Axie Infinity. It is a play-to-earn (P2E) game where you can find a digital pet community in the virtual world for gamers. Players in Axie Infinity can battle, raise, trade, and earn using this platform. 

This Pokemon-inspired game introduces cute digital pets which are called the Axies. There are already 9 classes of Axies that you can choose from for your next battle. They are the Aquatic, Bird, Beast, Bug, Dusk, Dawn, Plant, Mech, and Reptile. Keep on reading and find more ideas about how to play the Axie Infinity and how to earn from it. 

How to play

Undeniably, the popularity of Axie Infinity can be inevitable. It has been in the virtual gaming world for four years already and it keeps on becoming the favorite of gamers of all ages. It is very famous in countries Brazil, Thailand, the United States, and Venezuela. But above them all, the Philippines gathered the most number of gamers in Axie Infinity. 

One of the best ways to learn how to play the Axie Infinity game is to watch videos posted by various gamers. They create Axie Infinity videos with the best free gaming intro maker to make their videos look more interesting from the start. Through watching these videos, you would feel like you are actually watching the game in real-time. 

But in this article, you will also learn the basics so you can start enjoying playing the game on your own. These are good-to-know ideas especially if you want to earn in playing Axie Infinity.

  • What is Axies?
    These are the fantastical pets that you can use for fighting in battle. These are also being collected and raised to make the best use of them. It falls in different classes and owns different stats.
  • Familiarizing the Classes
    As mentioned earlier, there are nine classes of Axies. It is important to know that each class possesses different strengths and weaknesses. The Plant, Dusk, Reptile, Bug, Beast, Mech, Dawn, Bird, and Aqua’s characteristics can be determined by their roles in the team.
  • Familiarizing the Stats
    There are four stat attributes that one Axie must possess. These are speed, skill, morale, and health. You can base on these stats to know if you can deploy your chosen Axie in the arena.
  • Familiarizing the Body Parts
    Every Axie has six body parts that include ears, eyes, a mouth, a horn, a tail, and a back. These body parts contribute to the existing stats of your Axie and other additional stats.
  • Familiarizing the Abilities/Cards

Axies have four different moves or abilities that they can apply during the battle. And these sets of moves are represented by 132 abilities/cards that you can check on the Axie World section on the gaming platform.

Ways to make money

Aside from spending hours to enjoy playing virtual games like Axie Infinity, players also spend their time to earn money on it. Listed below are the smart ways how you can enjoy playing and earning money while playing this game at the same time. 


  1. Video Blogging
    Video blogging is a way gamers can earn money by playing games nowadays. You can find a lot of video bloggers, monetized their accounts, getting paid by the advertisements on their videos. The more creative videos they create, the catchier they can become for the target audiences and advertisers. You can also use tools online video editing tools with a friendly interface to make your task easy and fast.
  2. Breed and sell Axie
    Players can make money by breeding their Axies and sell on the marketplace. Breeding pets can be done by combining the two purebred Axies. Soon as the egg matures, then the player can transpose the egg to an adult Axie after five days. This newly bred Axie can be sold according to the skills and attributes that they possess.
  3. Be an Axie manager
    The most common way to make money in Axie Infinity is by becoming an Axie Manager. To own an account in Axie Infinity requires a big amount of money. That makes not all people can get into this game and earn. Only those who can afford the startup amount in this game can become managers. These managers can acquire the different kinds of Axie pets. And they are capable to hire scholars who will play the game on their behalf.
  4. Be an Axie Scholar
    The Axie Scholar plays the game on the behalf of the Axie Manager. The SLP gained by the scholar as he wins the games in the platform will be divided into a certain percentage. The scholars’ responsibilities are only in winning the games played. When it comes to breeding and selling Axie pets, it is the managers’ responsibility.
  5. Tie up your earnings
    When you invest in Axie Infinity, you are getting into blockchain technology which involves cryptocurrency. You may have heard about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency investments, you can tie up your earnings and let them multiply.
  6. Make investments in Lunacia Land Plots
    As this game became widely known, there are a lot of gamers investing in this game. That made the developers work on building up the in-game world of Lunacia Land Plots. It is one of the features of the Axie Infinity platform. Everyone is welcome to invest in this NFT land plot in this game. Plots can be customized so the investor can use this for producing profitable resources, host shops, create access points for dungeons, and battle monsters. These plots too, like in the real world, can be rented or sold. This feature is in the early stage and there is a lot to expect from it. 

Should you invest in Axie Infinity and become an Axie Manager now? Investing in Axie Infinity is a matter of huge investment, however, huge investments are equivalent to huge returns as well. Keep in mind that every investment is risky. That when you get into it, you have to take the risk and work smartly. As a result, you can enjoy not only the times you play the game but also the hard-earned money you get from investing.

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