Hapebeast and BAYC Members Feud Over The Projects’ 3D Models

Hapebeast and BAYC holders have been disputing over their favourite projects’ respective 3D model NFTs. Hapebeast’s have already launched and it was their genesis collection, whereas BAYC’s is yet to release and of course, they have many successful collections already. This includes but is not limited to the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club.

Hapebeast and BAYC holders have been arguing on Twitter over the quality of their respective projects’ 3D artwork.

About the HapeBeast and BAYC Argument

Recent arguments have spurred on Twitter in recent times, after many BAYC holders have mocked Hapebeast for the errors in the art by BAYC OG, Digimental.

Further, an early version of a BAYC 3D avatar has been released via a Tweet from @psingle_. Many people in the comments section of this Tweet are comparing the artwork to other 3D collections, and the high standard of BAYC artwork we’ve got used to seeing.

Fans want BAYC to keep up the high standards that they’ve shown off since their launch in March 2021. Since the doxxing of their two founders, the stakes may even be higher as there’s more pressure from external sources. However, this shouldn’t affect the Yuga Labs team as they are a very good, high-quality team.

About HapeBeast

Of course, everyone knows about BAYC, however, Hapebeast may be unknown to brand new collectors in the NFT space. Hapebeast is a recently released 3D NFT collection that generated extreme hype pre-launch. At this point, after their launch on January 19th, they have amassed almost 300,000 followers on Twitter. Additionally, they have over 450,000 devoted members in their Discord server.

Upon the recent Hapebeast reveal, some people were mocking the artwork. As the ears of NFTs overlap with hats, if they have that trait. Overall, the art issues have gone past the majority of their audience, as the current floor price on Opensea is 5 ETH, and it’s reached all-time highs of over 8 ETH.

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