HeliconNFT Launches a Play-to-Earn Metaverse Ecosystem

HeliconNFT is now live! Essentially, the new global gaming-focused NFT ecosystem promises to combine a gaming metaverse with an NFT and buying platform that provides real rewards. Furthermore, it seeks to create a comprehensive DEFI+NFT+GAME Ecosystem. This means that it will bridge the gap between centralized games and blockchain while realizing game asset NFTokenization.

The end result is a killer elevator pitch. “NFTs, blockchain gaming & Esports all combined into one decentralized platform!”

HeliconNFT= DEFI+NFT+GAME Ecosystem. Credit: HeliconNFT

More about the HeliconNFT Ecosystem

According to the official announcement, HeliconNFT draws inspiration from ancient Greece. Specifically, how Mount Helicon was a source of inspiration for all the art and culture and the well from which the fabled 9 Muses drew their vision to ignite the world. Hence, HeliconNFT will have a unique ecosystem of 9 liquidity mining pools in order to reflect the 9 Muses.

Aligning with the development of the ecosystem, HeliconNFT will be hosting esports and NFT events. The end goal is to bring the 3 billion gamers worldwide together, enabling them to make money while gaming on the new platform. Ultimately, HeliconNFT bridges the gap between centralized games and decentralized NFTs for a true inter-gaming experience. Plus, it allows gamers to monetize their in-game assets across different games.

HeliconNFT bridges the gap between centralized games and decentralized NFTs. Credit: HeliconNFT

The platform has something in store for developers too. Since the platform will enable all games to become tokenized games on the blockchain, then it can potentially be a whole new revenue stream.

Aside from bringing cutting-edge technology, HeliconNFT aims to be among the greenest and most carbon NFT platforms. The team has decided to dedicate a percentage of every transaction to a sustainability initiative to achieve this. Collectively, “HeliconNFT is open to collaborating with organizations and foundations who share a similar vision for a brighter future.”

Management’s Take

Tom Palmer, the Chief Product Officer of HeliconNFT, shared that they have the network and resources to achieve their grand vision. In fact, the launch coincides with the opening of Expo 2021 Dubai, The World’s Greatest Show featuring 192 countries. The UAE has even issued 100,000 Golden visas to attract blockchain organizations, NFT creators and contributors, and many. So the announcement actually embraces everything that the expo represents. 

With offices across North America, Singapore, Australia and the United Arab Emirates, the platform partnered with the best of the best. Together with the leading minds of blockchain worldwide, they created a hub that will attract influencers, artists, gamers and game creators. 

He added that  “The market for NFTs reached new heights during the second quarter of this year, with $2.5 billion in sales so far in 2021. This is nearly 20 times more than the $13.7 million recorded in the first half of last year. This coupled with the $159.9 billion gaming market; the opportunity is huge. Tokenization is the future, and we are really excited about what’s to come.”

Take note that pre-registration options will be available for content creators, investors, gamers, and NFT enthusiasts, so make sure you check out the website

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