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Hidden, leaders in diverse hiring for the creative economy, are hosting a free hiring workshop for ambitious Web3 businesses looking to scale.

The specialist team help new businesses to cut through what is hidden in their hiring decisions, mitigating bias to uncover new potential when the industry is in its infancy.

If you have a brain, you have bias.

Hidden empower individuals uncover where bias shows up, why and what can be done to mitigate it in decision making.

Do you believe that a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce holds the key to long term creativity and innovation?

So many people go undiscovered; hidden by algorithms, inconsiderate search criteria, inherent bias and misplaced beliefs about what ‘good’ looks like.

This workshop will enable your business to hire for behaviours and values, in a market where skills are new and competition is fierce.

The things you will come away with are:

  • An awareness of the many barriers to diversity and inclusion in hiring
  • A detailed understanding of the most common bias that show in the hiring process
  • A framework for hiring objectively, focusing on skills, behaviours and values
  • How technology can support equity in your hiring process
  • Learnings from other peoples experiences across different organisations

Web3 seeks to cultivate a better future, more equity, more inclusion.


Meta’s chief diversity officer, Maxine Williams, said in a recent blog post that “we have the opportunity to help build the metaverse with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) from its inception.”

Get started on your journey to set better processes now, to build a diverse Web3 community for the future.

Sign me up: bit.ly/Web3Hiring

Set a reminder: bit.ly/LIWeb3Hiring

You can check out more info @ www.hidden.io



Talent is a thunderous force for your business’s success.

But the workplace has changed, and so have the expectations of the people in it. People want more: more fulfilment, more community, more balance.  The list of ‘interesting places to work’ is growing by the day. If diversity isn’t baked into your hiring process, you won’t survive, let alone thrive.

Hidden helps you create modern, inclusive and open hiring systems made for today’s job-seeker. And if it works for them, it’ll work for you.

Faster, fairer hiring, cheaper. Say hello to Hidden.

Winner of the 2019 BIMA Talent/Diversity Initiative of the Year.

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