Users who purchase real-life 8-Bit apparel will be able to wear it as a digital item in the Highstreet World metaverse.



  • Highstreet and Jonathan Koon’s luxury fashion brand, 8-Bit By Mostly Heard Rarely Seen, will launch a phygital retail store in the metaverse on August 1, 2022.
  • 8-Bit apparel will be available in department stores worldwide and online.
  • Each 8-Bit garment will be accompanied by a QR code that allows easy access to the digital world of Highstreet.
  • Highstreet x Mostly Heard Rarely Seen 8-Bit video: 8 STEPS INTO THE METAVERSE.

VANCOUVER, JULY 26, 2022 — Highstreet, the leading retail-focused metaverse, is excited to announce its partnership with entrepreneur, artist, and founder of luxury fashion brand 8-Bit By Mostly Heard Rarely Seen, Jonathan Koon. On August 1, Highstreet and 8-Bit will launch a one-of-a-kind experience that seamlessly links streetwear fashion with the metaverse.

Highstreet sits at the intersection of retail, gaming, and NFTs that aims to introduce the concept of a meta-lifestyle and redefine shopping by extending the utility of physical fashion into virtual in-game items. Through this partnership with 8-Bit By Mostly Heard Rarely Seen, Highstreet is pioneering a novel phygital business model that bridges department stores to the web like never before.

8-Bit’s apparel can be found in Neiman Marcus (global), Saks Fifth Avenue (global), Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Harrods, Bloomingdale’s US, Fred Segal, Beymen, and more, both in-store and online. Starting on August 1, these department stores will become a portal to Highstreet World.

To step through this portal, Highstreet has infused a key into every 8-Bit garment that is part of this August 1 drop. By scanning the QR code sewn into each limited edition garment, users are guided through a process to digitally clone themselves and their purchased 8-Bit apparel into the Highstreet World metaverse. Additionally, these users will receive a starter pack of $HIGH tokens, the native currency of Highstreet World, to get a head start in exploring this new frontier.

“Highstreet and Jonathan Koon are after the metaverse’s holy grail: To lead anyone, anywhere into the metaverse in a smooth, natural way. Every participant’s avatar will be an extension of their real-world self. We’re taking this step with Jonathan and 8-Bit on bridging streetwear culture with Web3 at Highstreet World,” said Travis Wu, CEO and Co-Founder of Highstreet.

When Koon launched 8-Bit in 2013, its lo-fi luxury persona was prophetic of the pixel-based aesthetic that has become emblematic of digital art and design. As gamer, meme, and nerd culture race to the forefront of society, 8-Bit ensures that these individuals can showcase their culture everywhere they go.

“Throughout my career, I’ve inspired others to take their first step toward achieving their dream. 8-Bit’s collaboration with Highstreet is a first step for both of us. Our partnership enables people to enjoy the best looks on the street and within Highstreet World. Wearing a piece by 8-Bit is more than just a fashion statement — it’s now a way for newcomers to dip their toes into the metaverse,” said Jonathan Koon, Founder of 8-Bit By Mostly Heard Rarely Seen.

By transitioning to Highstreet World, collectors will be able to establish a permanent record of their ownership of the 8-Bit drop by minting their apparel as NFTs. This will establish provenance behind this drop and provide access to secondary markets such as OpenSea and LooksRare.

About Mostly Heard Rarely Seen and 8-Bit

Mostly Heard Rarely Seen is a high-street fashion label designed by Thomas “Tomakira” Li. Originally born in Hong Kong and raised in Japan, Tomakira has developed his own unique style of eastern-inspired street fashion. MHRS is a reflection of the street culture that thrives in Tokyo and Hong Kong. The collection is highly detailed and focuses on design, quality, and innovation. Tomakira tends to live by his brand’s motto — letting his designs and products speak for themselves. 8-Bit By MHRS is the brainchild of legendary designer and artist Jonathan Koon. It embodies euphoric nostalgia with its simple yet detailed designs and pop culture references, and is the frontrunner of NFT apparel.

Website: www.mostlyheardrarelyseen.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MHRSusa

Instagram (MHRS): www.instagram.com/mostlyheardrarelyseen

Instagram (8-Bit By MHRS): www.instagram.com/mostlyheardrarelyseen8bit

About Highstreet

Highstreet World is an MMORPG built with brand integration and on-chain features. Throughout 2022, Highstreet will be delivering the game to players in four phases. As part of the first phase, where the focus is on real estate, Highstreet will allow players to purchase homes in the core regions of Binance Beach, AVAX Alps, Everyrealm, Animoca Archipelago, and Highstreet City. The first move-in day for Highstreet’s Solarium was organized in April 2022.

Website: www.highstreet.market

Medium: medium.com/highstreet-market

Twitter: twitter.com/highstreetworld

Telegram: t.me/highstreetworld

Media contact for brands: merchant@highstreet.market

Press Contact: flora@highstreet.market

General inquiries: info@highstreet.market

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