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DALLAS, Texas  – Hype Hustlers, a new NFT collection, visited the University of Texas Dallas and held an event to talk to students about the importance of Web 3 and NFTs upon their graduation. 

The workshop took place in the Student Services Building and filled a room of 30 students curious to learn the basic foundations of Web 3 technology. University students who attended the workshop ranged in different majors such as computer engineering and finance. 

Hype Hustlers is an NFT collection that showcases your everyday female hustler by incorporating different physical looks, cultures, and passions in their art. Since their creation in February 2022, this project has made it their mission to educate and provide resources on Web 3 careers to young professionals and college graduates. Their presentation at UTD began with the basic terms of Web 3, such as blockchains, NFTs, smart contracts, and even a complete history of the web. 

“We are here, not because we are experts,” said Co-founder and Social Media Manager, Oriana Valderrama. “Web3 is such a new concept. We are here because we have done the research and we are open to keep learning from the industry and share that knowledge with as many people as we can.”

After explaining the theory, the three Co-founders, Maria Coraza, Bita Motiie, and Oriana Valderrama, proceeded by showing real-life examples of Careers in NFTs and Web 3. They talked about NFT collections and how while the art is vital for a collection, the real value comes from utilities and the community formed when becoming a holder of any of these projects. 

Hype Hustlers recently partnered with Darshana, a Web 3 job board app, to provide students with resources to put into practice their newfound knowledge and possibly be connected to real jobs in Web 3.

“Our partnership with Darshana was a true highlight for our project. The idea that we can teach students about Web 3 and then provide the resources to jump-start their careers by the touch of a button is a rewarding feeling,” said Maria Coraza, Co-founder and Project Manager for Hype Hustlers.

After UTD, Hype Hustlers plans to attend more local colleges and universities around the DFW area and would like to extend their university tour to other states and even internationally. 

“We like to say that the best advice we can give to any young professional about Web 3 is ‘Just show up with the intention to give it your all’,” said Co-founder and Community Manager, Bita Motiie. “By  attending  our workshops you can not only learn, but  take the first step towards a career in this new industry.”

Hype Hustlers NFT began minting their first collection on April 15. 


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