If You’re Married In A No-Fault Divorce State, Your NFTs Might Be At Stake

Are you an NFT collector married in a ‘no-fault’ divorce state? If so, your precious collection might be included in the 50/50 marital property process. In fact, many NFT holders already had 50% of their digital assets taken away by their spouses.

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Collectors married in one of the 17 no-fault divorce US states might lose half of their NFT portfolios. Credit: FreePik

What happens to your NFTs if you’re married in a ‘no-fault’ divorce state?

Recently, more and more NFT collectors have been sharing their divorce stories on Twitter – and for good reason. Accordingly, those who got married in a ‘no-fault’ divorce US state must share their NFT portfolio with their soon-to-be ex-spouses too.

For example, Bored Ape collector @StonedBrody lives in Wisconsin – one of the 17 no-fault divorce states in the US. This week, Brody was allegedly forced “by a temporary order hearing” to transfer part of his NFTs to a wallet managed by his wife.

In other words, he might lose half of his NFT portfolio, including blue-chip collectibles.

“Value determination when time comes is going to be a nightmare, but has also allowed for delays on my end to this point. Any disagreement by my wife and I will result in court ordered liquidation,” Brody wrote in a tweet.

Surprisingly, the same happened to MAYC holder @hodlland. The collector replied to Brody’s message saying he lost 50% of his NFTs after his divorce.

Twitter screenshot of a message regarding NFT division no-fault divorce states
BAYC collector Brody shared his NFT-related divorce issue via social media. Credit: Twitter

How can NFT holders keep their assets?

According to @hodlland, the only way to keep NFTs safe is to “get a prenup”. Otherwise, any NFT wallet created during marriage can be subject to division in a no-fault divorce state.

After all, the term “NFT” is more commonly heard in courts than ever before. The New York Court is even serving court notices as NFTs as of this summer – and our post covers all of the details!


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