Introducing Alunaverse The $ALNV Utility and Membership NFTs –

What is the projects launch date? 

Auna.Social – a gamified social trading platform for the Web 3.0 world – was launched in 2020. We currently have over 36,000 users and 300M average monthly trading volume.

In Dec 2021, we launched Alunaverse ($ALNV), a collection of limited edition utility and membership NFTs for the Aluna.Social ecosystem and the AlunaDAO. 

The “Cosmic Traveller” is the first of a 4-part series in the Alunaverse NFT collection.(turn on your headphones)

How did you come up with the ideas? 

As part of our long term strategy, we incentivise users that bring value to Aluna ecosystem. In other words we reward active users of the platform (whether they are traders or social contributors) with different incentives.

Our NFT collection is one of the ways to reward our users for bringing value to the ecosystem.

Holders of $ALNV NFTs will enjoy special perks on Aluna.Social and AlunaDAO, such as:

  • Lifetime Aluna.Social subscription plan
  • Access to private chat rooms with other AlunaDAO members
  • Access to governance, voting, and creating proposals

What Makes this project unique? 

$ALNV is more than a collectible.  It is a utility & membership NFT.  

Each NFT has a unique story, that is a part of a bigger picture (worth a read! that all ties into the concept of Aluna.Social. 

“Aluna” means “Mother Earth” according to the ancient Kogi people, who believe that people, other living things, and nature are all connected. In the same way, the goal of Aluna.Social to connect the crypto trading community in a transparent social environment where “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  Our NFT collection represents just that.

How Big is the team and what are their roles? 

We’re a 12 member team

  • Co-founder & CEO, Alvin Lee
  • Co-founder & COO, Henrique Matias
  • CTO, Anderson Arboleya
  • Head of PR & Marketing, Kate Alippa
  • Full-stack Developers, Filipe Dias, David
  • Product Designer, Alex Beltechi
  • Front-end Developers, Jose and Breno
  • Devops Architect, Adrian
  • Design system ops, Hendrik and Magdiel

What is the price? 

The “Cosmic Traveller” NFT can ONLY be earned (not bought) by getting Whitelisted (more info here)Once whitelisted, it can be minted for free (gas-only).

Currently Cosmic Traveller is re-selling on Opensea for 7.89 ETH 

Why is that price fair?

We’re in it for the long run. Giving out free NFTs to valuable members of the Aluna ecosystem that help us grow, improve, and become the #1 social trading platform in the world is the ultimate goal.

All proceeds and royalties (from the sale of consecutive NFTs in the collection) will be added to the AlunaDAO Treasury, which is governed by $ALN and $ALNV holders.

What is the Mint Size? 

150 max quantity for Cosmic Traveller. 27 have been minted so far.

Are there any mechanics we should know about? 

Minting only for whitelisted addresses. Whitelist instructions are on the FAQ page on

We can also offer 1 ALNV for giveaway to your community in a joint campaign.

Links to discord, social, etc. 





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