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Isekai Meta is a story and community-driven, hand-drawn NFT collection and metaverse brand that has been summoned on the Ethereum blockchain.

Setting destinations is not about the path. It’s about the journey.


Isekai Meta Story and Universe

Interactive Storytelling

Through compelling and effective narrative, Isekai Meta is constructed in immersive world-building. Our story is what makes us unique and it enables opportunities for shared experiences and co-creation. This allows our community to become protagonists.

Imagination to reality

Along with the production of Studio Sekai, we are directly partnered with Studio 9 Lives, a full-service Animation, Illustration, & Design Company. Some of the projects they have worked on include Haikyuu, Fire Force, Netflix’s Castlevania, & Pokemon: Sun & Moon to name a few.

One of Isekai Meta’s main goals is to transport holders into another world. We are exploring a variety of methods to make this experience as immersive as possible.

Isekai Museum

NFT Art Gallery paired with a live Isekai Community Board that showcases not only fan arts but member highlights as well; shining the spotlight on the members and the relationships being formed within the community.

Story DAO & Scaling

A story, art, and community-driven project that focuses on establishing an independent production along with the Isekai Meta community. The community will get to participate and act as co-producers in the project’s creative, storytelling process.


Very much like how you got isekai’d into Koo’s world, Koo might possibly, maybe, probably get isekai’d into ours as well. wink wink

In a way, the metaverse is already here — our physical bodies stay still while our brains and emotions fly away, dictated by what we see, and conditioned with ascended identities. As the concept ever so improves, this is where we want to double down — while advocating an ethos.

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