Island Boys NFT may be here soon, according to the Florida twins

The Island Boys twins, famous for their viral Tik Tok song, are entering the NFT world and they have big plans.

In a video uploaded to Youtube, the infamous Florida twins discuss the new up and coming NFT collection. The Island Boys NFT is currently under production. However, there is now a Discord for those keen to know more.

The Island Boys NFT is dropping next week, according to the pair.

The twin brothers, Flyysoulja and Kodiayakredd, rose to fame following their remarkable song “Island Boy Freestyle”, which has become a massive viral sensation. The pair are now TikTok stars, and the crypto/NFT community has welcomed them with open arms.  

According to the pair, “The NFt is coming out in the next week”.

In fact, there is a growing trend to have The Island Boys endorse new NFT projects using celebrity video services such as Cameo. The pair are distinctive looking, easily identifiable by their unique style


Incredibly, due to the pair’s success in the crypto universe, there are already a few unofficial Island Boys coins.

The biggest of these is @islanddoges. The meme coin has regular shoutouts from the boys, brought on Cameo. Surprisingly, the currency has over 15,000 followers on Twitter. Although it is a meme coin, the team has plans for NFT drops and metaverse entry.

Additionally, meme coins are prevalent. If you have any doubt about this, look at Dogecoin and Shibu Inu. Although these coins can be incredibly lucrative, always remember to do your own research.

Finally, let’s hope that the Island Boys NFT can provide us with the same level of entertainment that their music does; we will find out soon.

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