Jewish Rabbis release Tzedakah NFT collection based on beautiful synagogue decor

The Tzedakah NFT is the first collection in the world to raise donations for a synagogue. A group of young rabbis, supported by Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berl Lazar, are the masterminds behind this NFT collection.

The Moscow Jewish Community Centre NFT from the Tzedakah NFT collection Credit: Collection’s official website

There are 4 main NFT tokens that make up the Tzedakah NFT collection. Each one of them is a 3D copy of one of the decorations of one of the main synagogues in Russia. These are the building of the Moscow Jewish Community Center – a community centre that houses offices, classrooms, studios and a synagogue; the Aron a-Kodesh – a holy ark that serves as storage for the Torah scrolls; Bimah – a platform from which the Torah is read; and Amud – the lectern in the front of the synagogue.

In addition to the aforementioned NFTs, there are 4 other NFTs within the TzedakahNFT collection. These are NFT copies of the coins issued when the synagogue opened in 2000. Another key point is that interested individuals can purchase these coin NFTs at fixed prices, without needing to participate in an auction.

This NFT project is a charitable initiative that supports the Jewish community in Russia. The synagogue will use the collected funds to meet the daily needs of the institution as well as the community. In addition to improving the lives of synagogue members, Tzedakah NFT holders will get a certificate of their participation in this project, signed by the heads of the Jewish Community.

Jewish communities around the world have released religious NFTs to support several projects. Last year, Rabbi Mordechai Lightstone and Jonathan Caras launched NFTorah to fundraise for new Sefer Torahs.

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