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Jigen.app is an ecosystem bringing luxury to web3. They are poised to solve problems such as counterfeiting of high-end goods through digitization and tracking. Real world items are assigned a digital asset and the collector has access to both. 

In their Medium article, Jigen shares about their truly immersive experience for both the buyer and consumer, unlocking a new luxury goods market, and bringing wearable items to the metaverse. Each of their luxury goods are backed by physical assets. They also have a token, $JIG, which allows users exclusive in-app access, staking and governance. $JIG will be available on PancakeSwap soon. Jigen is a cross chain ecosystem and is promising exclusive nfts drops, and custom works available on the platform.  

How will this work? The NFT is purchased, flexed about in the metaverse, and holders will also have the opportunity to obtain the irl item through the app. They are the first to be making this move in the metaverse and their burgeoning community on Telegram is thriving. 

A recent announcement came last week of a partnership between Jigen and Babylon, the first community governed marketplace & aggregator. Announcements like this have the Jigen fans excited and anticipating the details of this partnership.

The concept is certainly exciting, and looks to be a direction many brands will go in order to authenticate or certify real world luxury goods. Jigen also has an impressive list of IDOs and investors, adding a ton of confidence in this project. TGE and app coming likely this Feb, and for more details on this project visit them at Jigen.app.

Reminder – do your own research. Happy hunting. 


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