John Terry NFTs can’t feature Premier League trophy due to legal issues

John Terry’s collection of NFTs, Ape Kids FC can no longer depict the Premier League trophy. This is due to legal intervention by the league. This is because the Premier League trophy is protected by its trademark and a licensing agreement is required for any commercial venture, which this NFT collection didn’t get.

John Terry’s NFTs were due to feature the Premier League trophy until legal issues with the league.

About the Situation

After legal troubles with the Premier League, John Terry was recently forced to remove any forms of the league’s prestigious trophy from his NFTs, despite winning five of them as a player.

Now, any Tweets which included players as NFTs standing next to the trophy have been deleted by Ape Kids Club. Terry is the co-founder of their football collection. However, there still seems to be at least 1 Tweet still up on John Terry’s personal Twitter, featuring the trophy, alongside others.

These NFTs are yet to be minted but are already running into legal troubles. Post-mint, we’ll see how the public and the market react to the NFTs. Also, we’ll discover if there are any other issues they run into.

About John Terry’s NFTs: Ape Kids Club

Ape Kids Club is a previously released NFT collection of 10,000 items that are on OpenSea with a current floor price of 0.43 ETH. These were first minted in late November/early December and were founded by @akc_li and @victoriorcg on Twitter.

Now, they are releasing another collection: Ape Kids FC. This may be to take a grasp of the massive football market in the UK and across the world. This series of NFTs was co-founded by John Terry who worked with the original team on the project.

Right now, the collection hasn’t minted, however, there’s a whitelist raffle being held until 3 PM UTC today (January 29th). Ape Kids FC is building on a solid foundation of Ape Kids Club, so we’ll see how it performs post-mint.

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