John Wall’s Baby Baller NFT Collection Stole Artwork from Fortnite!

Barely an NFT day goes by without someone ripping off some artwork. But this time there’s a high profile misdemeanor. It appears that John Wall’s Baby Baller NFT collection stole a background directly from the hugely popular game, Fortnite.

NBA star John Wall may be good at bouncing a ball for Houston Rockets, but crypto Twitter didn’t hesitate to voice intense disapproval when they noticed something amiss with his NFTs.

John Wall on familiar territory, in action for Houston Rockets. Credits: Robert Seale/NBAE via Getty Images.

Crypto Twitter was Indignant

An influential NFT art creator and collector who goes as 0x_fxnction on Twitter, led the charge and summed things up, stating in a tweet,

“Celebrity cash-grabs like this @JohnWall NFT coming out show that these celebs think they can take from the community.”

Actually, 0x_fxnction said a lot more too. A scroll through their Twitter feed gives a good idea of the justified indignation around rip-offs and theft in the NFT art space.

The sentiment is easily understandable. If big names from sports and entertainment move into NFTs, but with little respect and close to zero effort, they’re unlikely to get a friendly welcome. If they start actively stealing artwork and ideas, the reaction will be hostile.

The Baby Baller image that caused a stir. Credits: Decrypt.

Baby Ballers similar to Boss Baby

Wall’s project will see him release a collection of NFTs called Baby Ballers. The drop will feature 4,000 pieces and give $100,000 to charitable causes.

He made the announcement about his plans on Tuesday this week, and released the controversial teaser image soon after. As well as the Fortnite theft, some observers pointed out that the character design in Wall’s images looks similar to animated movie The Boss Baby.

This latest news of an infringement comes soon after the Epic Hero Battles blockchain-based game received heavy criticism for appropriating artwork.

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