Kiera Chaplin Launches “Savvy Kiera” Charity NFTs via Rarible

On November 22nd, Kiera Chaplin will launch the “Savvy Kiera” NFT collection as part of her CryptoChaplins charitable project. The upcoming drop aims to help African children in need through Chaplin’s Desert Flower Foundation.

The upcoming ‘Savvy Kiera’ NFT collection aims to help underprivileged African students. Credits: Kiera Chaplin

Kiera The Hero, promoting charity through NFTs

This month, Kiera Chaplin is launching her first superhero NFT series as part of her CryptoChaplin project. The collectibles, titled “Savvy Kiera,” will be up for auction between November 22nd – December 20th via NFT platform Rarible.

Accordingly, the upcoming drop will include 8 NFTs of Kiera The Hero – CryptoChaplins’ main character. Each non-fungible token displays her as a savvy college student ready to learn new things.

In fact, this concept perfectly lines up with the purpose of the collectibles: supporting African children to continue their studies.

In essence, Kiera Chaplin will donate all the proceeds from the “Savvy Kiera” drop to the Desert Flower Foundation. Created by supermodel Waris Dirie, the charity organization will offer school equipment to underprivileged African students between 4-14 years old. Chaplin, who is now the president of the Desert Flower Foundation, also opened the “Kiera Chaplin Desert Flower School” last year in Sierra Leone.  

The first Kiera The Hero NFTs launched in September to support a 9/11-dedicated non-profit organization. Credits: Twitter

CryptoChaplins, a life-changing NFT project

In order to create the meaningful “Savvy Kiera” NFTs, Kiera Chaplin teamed up with NFT creative lab Digitfully.

It’s their second collaboration, following Kiera The Hero NFTs’ debut launch back in September. Surprisingly, the previous CryptoChaplins collection supported the 9/11 DAY 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to turn 9/11 into a worldwide commemoration.

“It’s been such a wonderful journey creating this character and finding the most impactful charities to work with,” Kiera says. “The NFT world has so much to offer and with CyptoChaplins we plan on creating a community that gives  back all the while creating universe that is fun and artistic. This is just the beginning of a very exciting  adventure!”

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