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Who hasn’t dreamt of going to the moon? In our ecosystem, everyone wants to send their favorite crypto there, but sometimes that feels more like a utopia than reality.

But rather than wanting to go to the moon, wouldn’t it be easier to wait for a shuttle that has already been there to return? What if this event could be accessible to anyone by logging into a decentralized universe?

This is what will happen on July 24 in Decentraland: the Apollo 11 rocket, known to have brought the first humans to the moon, will land in the metaverse to our delight!

From Moon to Decentraland

DCL apollo 11 cosmonaut

The event is sure to make an impression with its originality, and it’s not every day that it’s possible to witness the finalization of a space journey in a metaverse.

To achieve this feat, the DappCraft agency teams will be displaying this to all visitors on July 24 at 4 PM UTC, with the reconstruction of the Apollo 11 moon landing in Decentraland!

APOLLO patch

To celebrate this occasion, a whole collection of wearables will be announced, representing the different patches of the Apollo 11 mission designed in collaboration with award-winning fashion designer Nicholas Graham & Banquet Metaverse Studio.

With collectibles representing such an historic moment, this event will mark Decentraland’s history on many levels.


More and more events are taking place in Decentraland with famous names around the world such as the Sotheby’s auction house which now has its own building.

Here’s some word from the DappCraft’s CEO :

«It is an honor for DappCraft to work on recreating one of the most important events in the history of mankind. We are sure that technologies will soon allow us to experience all the most vivid, emotional events that have happened and are happening in the world. I hope that we will be able to return to the moment of the big bang or, for example, attend the last concert of Michael Jackson. Metaverses expand the boundaries of what is possible, and I am happy to manage a company that implements the most daring ideas!»

Could these events herald the reconstruction of other ‘historical events’ and bring an educational dimension to Decentraland? No one can say what tomorrow will bring, but while waiting for the future the Apollo 11 event is a good way to have fun and enjoy a good time with your fellow crypto-buddies today!

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