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What Is The Price?

We are planning on starting out with a floor price of 0.2 or 0.3 ETH, but we have not made a final decision on the exact amount.

Why Is That Price Fair?

It’s a great question. First, our digital art is carefully constructed and beautiful. The layers all come from the Magic Flute – Mozart’s last composition – and architecture from the time and place that he lived. We are also airdropping NFT holders a personalized (according to their digital wallet address) musical minuette based on Musikalisches Würfelspiel. That musical composition is created on-chain, meaning the NFT holder will be able to listen to it just as well in 30 years as they can today as long as there is at least one validator on the Polygon blockchain.

Second, we are transforming the way that philanthropy is done within the arts by pioneering the Living Arts DAO. For reference, annual giving in 2020 for the arts, culture, and humanities was $23.5 billion in the United States alone. That comes to $71.5 per capita. But among the actual people who engage with the arts, that’s a smaller number, so per capita donations among the set of donors are much higher. No doubt there are many NFT projects, but we are unique in producing truly innovative work that will help bridge the fine arts and blockchain communities. 

In particular, we will use revenues from the NFT collection to launch the Living Arts DAO (see our whitepaper) that will provide micro-grants to performing artists and create a community that links philanthropists and the artists. NFT holders will not only gain access to the community, but also gain access to a wide array of educational curriculum that we have produced on arts entrepreneurship. The value of those classes is already set commercially at nearly $500, which is a fraction of the tuition that learners pay in a bachelor’s of music degree.

What is the Mint Size?

We will have 6,200 total NFTs, beginning with an initial drop of 1,791 that will have unique privileges for holders.

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