Make a Real-Life Difference in Ocean Life with Angry Tides’ NFTs

Did you know there are thousands of islands made of plastic drifting into oceans right now? Or that there might be more plastic than fish by 2050? These are just two of the core issues Angry Tide aims to solve – and everything starts with its NFT collection.

From full transparency to a powerful DAO, the founder Matteo Poile and his team are ready to make a difference. Before you learn how to join their mission, let’s find out more about the project itself:

Digital poster of the Angry Tides NFT collection
Angry Tides’ 6,888 fish PFP collectibles aim to make a real-life difference for marine life across the world!

What are the Angry Tides NFTs?

At first glance, Angry Tides is a collection of 6,888 lantern fish NFTs. These PFP collectibles are uniquely generated from +100 traits, but they all share the same goal: protecting the sea.

In other words, this community-driven project aims to clean oceans so deeply affected by plastic pollution. From ONG partnerships to socially conscious projects, the founding team is angry about the danger we’re facing – and they’re ready to take action.

Digital image of the Angry Tides NFT collection
The project’s core goal is to protect seas and oceans from pollution – an increasing danger for all underwater species.

Why is this mission so important?

This NFT project is called Angry Tides for a good number of reasons. In short, the team can no longer sit and watch as our oceans get destroyed – and neither should you. Here’s why:

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. As if global warming wasn’t enough, marine life is now dealing with plastic islands, oil spills, and mass bleaching.

To illustrate, 91% of the Great Barrier Reef’s corals suffered from bleaching in 2020. Meanwhile, the 2012 Hong Kong typhoon caused extreme ecological pollution as marine debris spread rapidly.

In total, more than 8 million tons of waste end up in seas and oceans worldwide every year. What’s worse, the common plastic bag we use so often takes centuries to break down into the environment. Until then, fish will have mistaken it for food – a fatal mistake that costs thousands of innocent lives yearly.

Accordingly, the amount of microplastic in seas and oceans might increase up to 50 times by 2100. Many people still don’t know these facts, but once you find them out, there’s no going back.

We’re all angry about this situation – and we all have to take action. In fact, NFT collectors play a key role in this mission – here’s how:

Digital poster of the Angry Tides NFT collection's logo
Angry Tide is a community-led project that will launch multiple NFT collections in the future.

How can you join the initiative?

As an Angry Tide community member, you’ll become part of the project’s DAO. This means you’ll gain access to the community wallet, as well as voting rights for future endeavors.

Here’s how the founding team will share the income with its community:

  • 35% will go to marketing and development costs;
  • 25% allocated for the project team;
  • 20% saved for donations to sea protection organizations;
  • 20% goes into the community wallet.

Notably, the team will post each transaction related to the project on their Discord server’s read-only channels. The clever distribution system proves the founders’ interest in fostering a powerful community – and that’s just the beginning!


The story will go on…

Along with its debut NFT collection, the Angry Tides team also released the first chapter of an inspiring story. In essence, the intro takes place in 2022 in the Atlantic Ocean; there, a shoal of lantern fish comes across a mysterious time capsule. A video message coming from the object reveals a man from the future speaking to them.

The man, living in the year 2050, sent the capsule as the planet’s last hope to save the Earth. 

“If you are listening to this message all is not lost: you still have the power to change the course of history!” – the man said, and that’s the core goal of Angry Tides too.

Each NFT collection will bring a new chapter of this fascinating story until its grand finale. What’s more, collectors will receive a comic book PDF for each NFT purchase.


Looking for more fascinating information, exclusive announcements, and sneak peeks? Join the Angry Tide team on their private Discord server to find out more!


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