Meta Pharaohs – 9000 Historic NFTs –

Meta Pharaohs is a collection of 9,000 digital artwork that brings real art into the metaverse through community with cultural and historical significance. 

The project currently has no official launch date announced, however, our team plans to do the launch Mid-March of 2022 

 How did you come up with the ideas? 

We were tired of seeing the same old “Ape” projects, or projects with art that we did not personally like, so we wanted to come up with a better project that will set a new direction and standard for the NFT space, with actual 3D Artworks that people can enjoy.

What Makes this project unique? 

The project is unique because it combines real history and mythology with modern pop culture and hip hop fashion, all while being the first 3D Project to be rendered in 4K Resolution.

Apart from the cultural and historical significance that the artworks provide, we are one of a few projects to provide the holders with full commercial rights to their artworks, and this allows for the holders to leverage the popularity later on.

Apart from the above, we have also signed an official collaboration with Infinite Objects™, a company that produces Physical Display Frames for NFT’s, and we will be giving a way one of these Physical token displays to each whitelisted member of the community.

The next feature would be the DAO, a mutual wallet where the 8% Secondary Market Royalty will be deposited, and paid out on a monthly basis as a dividend to all holders that own 2 or more Meta Pharaohs NFT’s in their wallet 

How Big is the team and what are their roles? 

The founders team is a team consisting of 4 E-Commerce and DIgital Marketing Entrepreneurs with over 8 Figures in gross sales and over 25 successful projects in the last 10 years, combined with a world-renowned artist from Tunisia that has worked and designed for Supreme New York.

What is the price? 

The pricing choice is 0.2 ETH.  We think the price is a fair choice when compared to what we are offering in terms of utilities and benefits for the holders, as well as the competitors prices with lesser-quality artworks which are easily selling for well over 0.25 ETH

What is the Mint Size? 

The collection size consists of 9000 Unique Artworks, each uniquely made of over 300 Well designed traits and textures, meaning that the artworks are not algorithmically generated like all others, and we were able to do this due to the fact that the project has been in the works since August, 2021.

Are there any mechanics we should know about?

One of the amazing mechanics the collection offers is the Legendary Forbidden NFT.

The Forbidden NFT consists of 5 Fragments (NFT Pieces) that will be randomly released throughout the collection.

Once all 5 Ultra Rare fragments are collected into one single wallet, they will fuse together to reveal the Legendary Forbidden NFT, and the holder that completes the challenge will receive a prize.


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Meta Pharaohs is a project where the idea is greater than the hype, we are not a project that is launched in 2 weeks promoting “get rich quick” , and we are taking the time to build a genuine and high-value community that will expand Meta Pharaohs into a real Media Company, since Real Art is the future of NFT’s.


The project should be considered as a long-term productive asset, rather than a speculative short-term investment – Based on the founder’s notes.

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