MetaLettersDAO: A Look At Open Source Branding

Branding and Web3 can seem equally esoteric, in that a relatively small group understands how to harness their powers to build and grow projects. While both are strongly rooted in assembling and activating communities, some may say Web3 has a better chance of being fully understood.

For a company, their brand is an ethereal representation of their mission, culture and community. A brand can manifest in sounds, people and events, but visual identity is one of the most prominent extensions. In the true spirit of Web3, a new project has emerged with its commitment to decentralization being front and center.

Metaversal & Web3 Innovation

Metaversal is a holding company that co-produces, curates and invests in iconic NFT projects and the key technology that unlocks the metaverse. As a venture studio and investment firm, they partner with artists and brands to bring their ideas to life in Web3.

Metaversal kicked off their journey with buying Noun#9 from NounsDAO, and they were also one of the largest public contributors to ConstitutionDAO. DAOs were clearly on their radar. Metaversal recently announced MetaLetters DAO, which is rooted in its mission to support creators around the world from all backgrounds.

The initiative aims to be an entryway into the metaverse for emerging artists while building inclusivity and diversity into the fabric of a rapidly scaling Web3.We’re creating a truly decentralized way to enable our community to decide what Metaversal’s brand can look like, which will represent the evolving culture of the metaverse — all in an aim to showcase and support new artists and creators,” said Yossi Hasson, CEO and co-founder of Metaversal. “Elevating and empowering the creator community that we are a part of has always been core to Metaversal’s mission”.

The MetaLetters DAO

While most traditional brands create their visual identity in a private setting and apply strict governance to its use, Metaversal is embracing the co-creative principles of Web3 for their version. Metaversal has open-sourced their branding under a Creative Commons CC0 license, which allows the community to help shape the Metaversal brand.

They launched an open call for artistic interpretations of the individual letters M-E-T-A-V-E-R-S-A-L where artists could submit their version of one or more letters for community vote on Twitter. The voting period closes on February 7th when the artist with the most votes will have their letter auctioned as the first NFT in the MetaLetters DAO offering.

A unique aspect to the project is that both the artist and the owner of the NFT receive membership in the DAO. With that, they get to submit and vote on proposals to determine which future artists and projects to support. The team plans to auction one letter NFT per day for 1,818 days.

Each artist receives 30% of the proceeds with the remaining amount going to the MetaLetters DAO Treasury. The visual identity project will come to life by incorporating the individual letters into a series of evolving interpretations of the Metaversal logo similar to Google’s homepage Doodle that changes to commemorate holidays and events.

Web3 & the Potential for Creators & Fans

The trend of Web3 bringing creators and fans closer together is proving vibrant in music and art, and Metaversal is offering similar hyper-connectivity between creators and brands. The output of this initial experiment offers a mutually beneficial relationship where the artist is paid for their work, the brand clearly demonstrates its commitment to artists, and the project proceeds to fund further artist centric missions. Could we see more brands taking a similar approach?

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