Midpoint Marketplace Offers Passive Income by Licensing NFTs

Heading into Q2 of 2022, a new generation of NFT platform is about to land on the blockchain. As a result, owners of high value NFTs can earn passive income by leasing out the intellectual property of their beloved assets.

Brand-new NFT protocol, Midpoint, is taking an innovative approach to how NFTs are managed, allowing owners to unlock the inherent value of their non-fungible tokens, while retaining possession of the asset. It will also provide companies and artists the opportunity to leverage the popularity of the medium without a significant outlay.

Essentially, Midpoint will act as a go-between that connects owners of NFTs with those wishing to lease the IP contained within. As a result, the ‘licensor’ will set the terms and conditions via a customizable contract, while the ‘licensee’ will use the asset within their project, governed by the terms agreed.

As of now, Midpoint has 63 assets signed up to its early access program, including coveted NFTs from the BAYC, MAYC, World of Women, CryptoPunks and Fame Lady Squad collections. Anyone with a qualifying asset can join the waitlist, and those wishing to license the material can get in touch immediately.

Learn more and join the waitlist >> Here

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