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Music NFT Drop | Thursday, June 16, 2022 on Nifty Gateway

Electronic music’s leading independent record label and gaming music pioneer, Monstercat, today announced a partnership with one of the world’s biggest video game and 3D designers, Raf Grassetti, to usher in its second series of IDOL music NFTs with the Monstercat x Raf Grassetti IDOL.

The Monstercat x Raf Grassetti IDOL arrives under the label’s innovative NFT platform, RELICSxyz. RELICSxyz is the home to premier music collectibles for Web3 and the Metaverse. IDOLS act as virtual record players in the Metaverse, using playable audiovisual NFTs called RELICS.

Following the sold out GENESIS IDOL drop, the Monstercat x Raf Grassetti IDOL furthers the commitment to the musical expansion within the Metaverse. Currently, collectors can utilize IDOLS with RELICS in one of the largest Metaverses, Decentraland, with more virtual platform integrations to be announced soon.

The Monstercat x Raf Grassetti IDOL will be offered as an open edition on Nifty Gateway for $499 to a select group of collectors, including holders of Raf Grassetti’s Nifty Gateway artwork and current RELICS and GENESIS IDOL collectors. Those who purchase the Monstercat x Raf Grassetti IDOL will be able to claim a free RELIC from the forthcoming collection of music NFTs, “RELICSxyz x Monstercat Season 2”.


  • Over $1 Million in combined sales
  • Over $350,000 in secondary sales since the the sold out drop of GENESIS IDOLS
  • GENESIS IDOL collectors include Diplo, Steve Aoki, Pranksy, BlockchainBrett, Coopahtroopa, Mercutio, Farokh, MetakeyVault, and more
  • Monstercat x Raf Grassetti IDOL bundle includes (1) IDOL + (1) RELIC to be released at a future date
The GENESIS IDOL and Monstercat x Raf Grassetti IDOL

Mike Darlington, CEO of Monstercat and Founder of RELICSxyz shares“Collaborating with one of the most legendary designers in the video gaming industry further enforces our vision of music and gaming being the ultimate fusion of art.”

Raf Grassetti adds, “I love collaborations that bring my art to the Metaverse. It is an honor to work with Monstercat and RELICSxyz, as we expand on a vision to make music a bigger part of the experience.”

Raf Grassetti Bio

Raf Grassetti is arguably one of the best known digital sculptors in the world, and is the Art Director at Sony Santa Monica’s God of War franchise. His NFT sales total over $5.5 Million with auctions at Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

Monstercat Bio 

Monstercat is one of electronic music’s most influential independent record labels. Leading the movement towards artist sustainability, its mission has remained the same since 2011: to empower a creative and passionate community of artists and fans through innovation. Championing a cadre of world-renowned artists including Marshmello, Kaskade, WHIPPED CREAM, and Slushii, Monstercat celebrated over 4 billion audio streams in 2021. The record label has redefined music licensing for content creators and major brands, undertaking co-branded soundtracks, in-game activations, and collaborations with game publishers and titles such as Epic/Psyonix (FortniteRocket League), Roblox, Hi-Rez Studios (SMITEPaladins), Amanotesosu! and Beat Games (Beat Saber). With the firm belief that music NFTs have the power to create long-term artist sustainability, Monstercat was one of the first labels to enter the Web3 space, releasing multiple collections with acclaimed artists including José Delbo, RAC, and Varien. With a vision to reward collectors and build community, Monstercat launched RELICSxyz.


RELICSxyz is a music collectible experience utilizing full-length, complete copyright licensed, digital audiovisuals incubated by Monstercat. The project was born out of a desire to support art and culture through partnerships with ethical record labels, talented visual artists, established musicians, gaming studios, Web3-centric brands, and a diverse range of artists. RELICSxyz enables audiences to represent themselves with a theme song throughout the Metaverse.

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