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The first to introduce roguelite gameplay, collaborative universe, and evolving NFT

7 April 2022 – Video game veterans across Asia, Europe, and North America have come together to reveal a new Web3 franchise. Titled Mythic Protocol, the project brings a unique collaborative approach to worldbuilding, fast-paced roguelite gameplay, and evolving NFTs that can gain new attributes through gameplay. 

The ambitious project has gained the overwhelming support of tech-focused VCs through a multi-million-dollar seed round that’s set to be announced in the coming weeks. 

Mythic Protocol is led by veterans of the video game industry with decades of collective experience working with industry giants both in entertainment (Riot Games, Koei Tecmo, SQEX, HBO, Marvel, DCEU, and more) and tech (Symantec, Microsoft, and Intel, and more). The team is further bolstered by game developers from Indonesia-based Agate, a regional development leader with more than 300 game developers. 

Creating Deeper Gameplay to Elevate the Web3 Gaming Experience 

The idea for the franchise came from a collective lamentation that existing Web3 games offer only the basic extrinsic motivation to earn. The leadership behind Mythic Protocol believes that by implementing a deeper gameplay experience, Mythic Protocol will offer the intrinsic value of

“fun” in addition to the potential to earn and grow – creating a more engaging and rounded experience. 

Arief Widhiyasa, Chief Executive Officer of Mythic Protocol, added, “We believe that to be sustainable, industry players have to balance speed with engaging gameplay elements that the gaming and Web3 communities will appreciate in the long run. We have our eyes set on transforming what the future of Web3 games should look like.” 

In keeping with the team’s measured approach towards Web3, Mythic Protocol’s game genre of choice: the “roguelite ARPG” was carefully selected as a result of deliberate market testing and a comprehensive study of industry trends. 

Roguelite is a video game genre defined by short gameplay sessions and procedurally generated experiences. Within each session, players will encounter randomly generated challenges, power-ups, and maps – all of which contribute towards making each run truly unique. 

The action-RPG elements that are also layered into Mythic Protocol are designed to create brisk, action-packed play-sessions that are paired with long-term progression mechanics. Mythic Protocol’s amalgam of roguelite and ARPG design decisions create a gaming experience that will engage players for a long time along a varied axis of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.

A Growing Universe Powered by Evolving NFTs and Community Collaboration 

In Mythic Protocol, secret societies protect the world from otherworldly threats. In place of the closed intellectual ecosystems of traditional IPs, the devs draw from Web3’s collaborative nature to grow the universe alongside the community. In keeping with the secret society theme, each potential member has had to tackle a gauntlet of enigmatic case-files (which can take upwards of 150 hours) prior to earning access to the Discord server where like-minded individuals share thoughts and get connected. 

To bring the collaborative universe and roguelite gameplay together, Mythic Protocol makes use of a system called Evolving NFT. As players use their hard-trained secret agents to defeat enemies, the Agent-NFT will continually grow stronger. With the Evolving NFT system, records of legendary agents and their feats will be more easily accessible to be integrated into Mythic Protocol’s lore while feeding the value back to the players that played them

To dive and discover the heights and depths of Mythic Protocol, interested players can check out the website, follow Mythic Protocol on Twitter, and join the community for the latest announcements and the opportunity to contribute to the growing world. Early adopters can get insights into the development process, exclusive rewards, and more surprises from the Mythic Protocol team. 


About Mythic Protocol 

Mythic Protocol is a gameplay-focused franchise that is built to maximize collaboration, and evolve the way individuals play, create, invest and work. 

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