NBA Champion Rip Hamilton says he’s “hooked” on the metaverse

NBA champion Rip Hamilton is joining the Metaverse conversation. The former basketball player posted an excited tweet expressing his desire to connect to those in the Metaverse space.

Rip Hamilton, former basketball player for NBA has turned his interest to the metaverse

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is familiar with blockchain technology already. They dropped an NFT collection, Top Shots. Fans can purchase iconic moments of basketball in video form. This project was financially lucrative, creating €52.3 million last week.

The NBA NFTs may have inspired other NBA players to participate, including three-time All-Star winner Rip Hamilton. The tweet stated that Hamilton is “hooked” to the Metaverse. He is “looking forward to connecting with everyone and learning more.” Seemingly, Hamilton has done some research as he tagged NFT collector Dingaling, Zeneca, SHAQ and of course, Gary Vee. Hamilton has taken a forward approach when learning about the Metaverse, communicating to the big dogs in the industry.

NBA is steaming ahead in blockchain technology when compared to other sporting associations. The NBA has not only been an early adopter of blockchain technology but has even managed to shape the course of its development through the success of its Top Shot NFT series. Sensibly, an NBA player like Rip Hamilton would see the success gained and want a part of it.

The Metaverse and blockchain technology is evolving before our eyes. The industry needs new excitement to continue. High profile celebrities and sporting stars like Rip Hamilton are integral to pushing the Metaverse to new heights.

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