Neo Tokyo Identities NFT Collection Launch Their teams, Guilds and More

Neo Tokyo Identities NFT collection has been making some major progress. Yesterday, the project’s founder, Alex Becker, announced on Twitter that they are launching teams and guilds. A PUBG tournament is also happening soon!

Neo Tokyo Identities NFT collection has launched teams and guilds. Credits: Alex Becker

“S1s and S2. Today you chose your guilds and your teams,” Becker tweeted. “You may join using your IDs on our site.”

All about Neo Tokyo Identities NFT collection

Launched late last year, the Neo Tokyo Identities NFT collection takes secrecy quite seriously. It had no pre-sale and was free to mint. The project was an instantaneous success, with fans trying to solve riddles to get into whitelists. Yup, you heard that right!

Basically, the collection features 2018 identities and 2500 vault cards. What’s more, all the NFTs are strings of code that give holders “great power”. At the time, the team had said their aim was to build a community-focused project that develops a “culture of long term participation”. It’s safe to say that they have stuck to this aim, as well as their rule: “The first rule of the citadel is you do not talk about the citadel.”

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that currently there is little information about the teams and guilds. Becker also announced that the season 2 Meta Tournament Discord will go live today. Then, on Saturday, players will compete for their items live on Twitch’s front page.

Tweet from Alex Becker via @ZssBecker

“Smart S1s will recruit the rarest s2s,” he further said. “S2s I will link to the discord from here and you will be able to join. The instructions to compete in our PUBG tournament will be posted inside.”

Make sure to keep an eye on Becker’s Twitter page for all the latest information!

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