Netflix Show, Pup Academy, Gets Its Own ‘Fan Pass’ NFTs

Pup Academy, the popular kid’s TV show, is getting its own NFT collection, thanks to Air Bud Entertainment and Zigazoo. The family-friendly, school-based NFT, called the ‘PUPtastic Fan Pass’, will exist on the Zigazoo platform, a kid safe social network, created by educators and parents! The first NFT drop is live on the Flow blockchain and coincides with returning to school.

Pup Academy is the latest NFT addition to the kid-friendly Zigazoo platform.

Pup Academy NFTs will teach kids about blockchain in a safe environment!

Air Bud Entertainment, the company behind the Netflix show Pup Academy, wants to provide a safe place for kids to have fun and learn.

Moreover, this new addition will be the first live-action drop on the Zigazoo platform and aims to help kids and parents learn about web3 technology and the uses of blockchain using characters they know.

Using the Zigazoo platform, they will use characters from the show, videos, sing along songs, character shoutouts, and digital dog tags to create an immersive Pup Academy content experience for children.

Furthermore, there will also be some great and interesting activities to use in the Pup Academy NFT collection. Real life events, a form of trading platform, and other methods will help children understand the NFT world.

“Zigazoo is an exciting destination for kids to safely express their creativity as part of a connected community,” said Robert Vince, CEO of Air Bud Entertainment. “Parents look to Air Bud Entertainment releases to offer them the opportunity to co-view with their children. The Zigazoo platform allows us a great new way to extend our brand’s mission of connecting families to celebrate universal themes of friendship and teamwork.”

Zigazoo – the kid-friendly social network

Zigazoo will also help companies to provide a new way of sharing with their young fans in a safe environment. Significantly, the platform is kidSAFE COPPA-certified, meaning it has passed stringent child safety regulations.

 Finally, the Pup Academy NFTs are the latest addition to the growing family-friendly NFT collections. They have also worked with Moonbug Entertainment, creators of the Blippi and CoComelon brands.


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