New Balance File to Register Their Trademarks to Enter The Metaverse

This week, New Balance has officially confirmed joining the Metaverse with its own NFTs in 2022. Accordingly, the giant sneaker brand has already filed to register the trademarks for their digital assets!

The announcement comes shortly after its main competitors, Nike and Adidas, also joined the trend.

New Balance is the latest giant sports shoe producer to enter the Metaverse this year. Credits: New Balance

New Balance joins Adidas and Nike into the Metaverse

In recent months, we’ve seen the NFT footwear sector grow astronomically. For example, RTFKT Studios has surpassed $3.1 million by selling 600 digital sneaker NFTs in a matter of hours.

Of course, renowned footwear producers in real life couldn’t miss this opportunity. As a result, companies such as Adidas, Nike, and Balenciaga, have launched their own collectibles.

To begin with, Adidas has purchased a 144-parcel space within the SandBox. In addition, the company’s debut NFT drop raised a total of $23 million in less than 24 hours. Now, Adidas has partnered with luxury fashion brand Prada for what will be yet another successful drop!

Nevertheless, Nike took things one step further by purchasing RTFKT Studio! The project is, without a doubt, a leader in the digital sneaker world. Considering this aspect, we’ll likely see many interesting products resulting from this collaboration.

With RTFKT by its side, Nike is ready to race for success in the competitive NFT footwear sector. Credits: RTFKT

Overall, the physical brands’ dedication to creating NFT suitable content confirms their interest in the market. Clearly, footwear giants such as New Balance wish to thrive into the Metaverse in the long run.

With New Balance preparing to drop their own digital assets, though, the Metaverse might welcome many new members this year. Although the company didn’t reveal any details just yet, their debut collection will likely be one to remember.

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