NFT Collection Tied to its Own App and Metaverse

Ahead of the public sale on November 24, Meta Legends is making noise in the NFT space with its incredible, unique and eye-catching 3D art. The collection of 12,345 legends is categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements featuring the work of famous digital artist Maxime Hacquard.

One look at the website and teaser videos can confirm that this NFT project offers superior and fire art. As Youtube influencer Liam Evans describes it, the art is clean and uniquely features LED lights, lens flare and cyborg humans. This kind of overall aesthetics is a first in the NFT Space. The details just scream that the team put a lot of time and effort into the artwork.

Apart from the art, the NFT project stands out because of its flagship utilities for the NFTs. The team is also building an overall ecosystem featuring an application and their own Metaverse. Meta-connect and Meta-life will transform the NFT Collection into an overall ecosystem.

Meta Legends offers fire art and utility-packed NFTs with its own app and Metaverse! Credit: Twitter (@HacquardMaxime)

Meta Legends’ Meta-Connect

Once the NFT Collection is completely sold out, the team will allow NFT holders to turn on location on their maps. Then, they can use Meta-Connect to locate other Meta Legends NFT holders and possibly meet up in IRL. This community-building initiative stands out because it encourages the NFT holders to build friendships through the platform.

The team will also build other functionalities of the app. For example, users can store their NFTs and get an estimation of their value. So this companion app will exclusively revolve around the project. The project is positioning it as a good place to give users all the insights and statistics they need as well as safe storage for their Meta Legends.

Meta Legends’ Meta-Life

The project is also developing its own Metaverse. Meta-life is a Metaverse or play-to-earn MMO open-world centered around NFT, stacking crypto and farming. The main idea of Meta Life is to be able to connect to an open world where players can create, own and monetize their gaming experience thanks to Legendary Stones, the in-game token of the Metaverse.


Meta-Life integrates arcade games into the universe. So whether you are into PVE, PVP or just exploring a new cinematic quality world with endless possibilities, Meta-Life is for you. The gameplay revolves around making your character evolve into an owner of lands, vehicles, special armors, and weapon upgrades, thanks to Legendary Stones.

The NFTs fall under seven possible races. These are Celestials, Burners, Roboters, Goldbois, Matrix Angels, Cybers and Roughs. The website features some of the art from each race and a very intricate narrative for each. For example, Celestials are the Great guardians of the Metaverse. They are the most powerful, with an influence and power that is close to the Gods. Hence, their mission is to govern the Metaverse.

A sneak peek at the various class and races in Meta-Life. Credit: Meta Legends

The class of the Meta Legends will allow getting proportional bonuses in Meta Life. For example, if you have a rough, you will have basic skin, armor and weapon in Meta-Life. Moreover, your advantages in Meta Life at the beginning will depend on your Legend class.

The Stones

The Stones fuel the economic activities and gameplay of Meta-Life. Users can hunt for legendary stones. In addition, they will have many ways to earn or farm stones in order to become more powerful and richer. Some stones will give access to certain areas of the map or terrain as well as specific adventures.

In essence, playing games will reward players with Legendary Stones. This is coveted in Meta-Life because the stones allow players to upgrade their equipment and buy assets. For example, 5000 Legendary Stones will allow you to buy a specific vehicle. Then, upgrading a Rough assault rifle into a Cyber rifle requires 100 Stones.

The stones also vary in terms of rarity. Some stones are rarer and allow you to acquire certain types of assets, to upgrade equipment with skins or unique functions. So the stones double as an incentive to play more games in exchange for better equipment and assets.


Meta-Life features dual Marketplaces. The first one is trading legendary stones. Then, the second one is for assets sold by Meta-Life or from the community secondary market. The team is envisioning a real economic system where users can earn real money through various channels. For example, by playing the game, earning rewards, farming or renting their assets to other players.

The Meta-life marketplace provides a multitude of ways to enable earning. Credit: Meta Legends

In parallel, community members with experience in terms of creating 3D art can leverage their skills. They can just submit their own assets to the marketplace, thanks to the DAO. Then, the project’s internal team will review it before publishing it in the NFT Marketplace.

The game will drop various daily bonuses, quests, and events to gamify the mechanics further and reward the players. Special bonuses will be set up for regular logins with big rewards in the long run. Then, Treasure chests with ultra-rare rewards will be randomly airdropped.


Users can create the world of their dreams thanks to the available plots of virtual lands. Plus, having more land will give a strategic and financial advantage. For example, landowners will transcribe a whole universe and create specific events to invite their community and animate a live concert on Twitch. Lands will get more rewards and better ranking if they have lots of activities.

More about the Public Sale: Mechanics, Price and Everything You Need to Know

The team is doing a Dutch style of auction, which means that the price will start extremely high and will keep dropping to a set price. In the case of Meta Legends, the start price is 3 ETH while the end price is 0.3 ETH. So during the public sale, the community can purchase the Meta Legends NFTs whenever they want.

The public sale is in two days, so make sure you do your own research and due diligence. Credit: Meta Legends

Going into the pricing, the start price is quite high. However, now that we’ve explained all the components of the project, the pricing makes sense. The utility of the NFTs justifies the price because where else can you find an NFT Collection with its own app and Metaverse?

The team is also giving away various prizes and rewards for minting at different price ranges. So head over to the website and official Twitter page to learn more about the mechanics!

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