NFT community is shocked and appalled by racist fuelled George Floyd collection


The NFT world has had questionable history regarding race, from Jungle Freaks and Lil Baby Apes. Unfortunately, a cash in NFT collection depicting George Floyd came to light. These Microsoft paint style portraits capitalise on stereotypes.

Credit- image by Futurism

Has the creator successfully monetised from this?

The collection has 22 in total. Half have sold thus far. This means the creator should have made around $5000. The creator named these ‘Floydies’. You can see Floyd depicted as a policeman, the joker, an astronaut and Floyd standing at heaven’s gate.

Has George Floyd’s family received any compensation?

Whilst the pixelated pictures are bad enough, what really bites the bullet is that there has been no link found to any money going back to the Floyd family. One issue is that the creator preaches that these are altruistic creations. The creator conveys a message that the badly drawn images are a celebration of Floyd’s life. Apparently, purchasing one of these NFTs is “a great way to express yourself and your beliefs!”

Looking at the bloodshot eyed depictions, it isn’t too hard to conclude that the NFT collection is intentional. Either to contribute to racist thinking or to create a stir to gain publicity. Whatever it was, what drove the creator doesn’t rectify the fact that it has been made.

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The inability to find a connection to the Floyd family is disgraceful, considering that the creator is cashing in. One has sold for $400 to a Twitter user. They went through the public murder of the father of five Floyd, riots all over the country and world, public trial and now people monetising off the murder of your loved one.

In conclusion, these dubbed ‘Floydies’ are one of the bottom of the barrel creations which hopefully won’t make a large amount of money. Following that, if people don’t find them amusing, interesting or desirable as an NFT then maybe we will be on an easier road to weed out these kinds of NFTs.

How can I support George Floyd’s family?

George Floyd Memorial Foundation



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