NFT Daily Drop: 2/7/22 Cool Pets | Pixelmon | 2112 –

The Daily Drop presented by NFTCulture presents a formulaic view of the daily projects currently launching in the NFT space. This shouldn’t be considered financial advice and none of these are sponsored unless otherwise noted specifically.  DYOR. NFA.

All Times CST unless otherwise noted.

Thoughts: We’re back in project hype season. There are over 25 projects dropping today. These made it through the filter. This is the period that feels “toppy” Never Financial Advice, but it’s always okay to realize gains.

Cool Pets Allow List Drop
7:00 AM
0.5 :eth: /19,999

Thu at 12:00PM EST: Game (including $MILK) goes live and people can begin evolving their egg to become a Pet!

Supply Breakdown

9,999 for Cool Cats Holders
8,500 for Allowlist
1,500 for Public Mint

Art Blocks Curated:Para Bellum by Matty Mariansky
12:00 PM
5 :eth: /1,000

12:00 PM
3 :eth: /7,750
Dutch Auction:
Starting at 3E. The price will drop by 0.1 ETH every 10 minutes until it reaches 0.2 ETH. (Early Access)
4:00 PM
0.2112 :eth: /10,560

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