NFT Daily Drop 3/14/22 –

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All Times CST unless otherwise noted.

Big Drops coming today, more utility focused NFTs are interesting to watch. DYOR.

With this drop and all drops, we recommend doing your own due diligence. These projects passed the formulaic threshold to achieve likely momentum but with all projects there are risks including the developers rugging the project, etc.

It is definitely derivative season in NFT land with many of these projects finding success on the secondary markets. Today is no different. Here are the top projects of the day.

**VeVe – Marvel Digital Comics — Deadpool #1**
10:00 AM
6.99 GEMS /30,000
Total Editions: 30,000
COMMON — Classic Cover: 21,000
UNCOMMON — Vintage Variant: 5,000
RARE — Hero Variant: 2,350
ULTRA RARE — Vibranium Variant: 1,050
SECRET RARE — True Believer Variant: 600

**Residence DAO**

10:00 AM
0.305 :eth: /3,000
Residence DAO is an MVHQ Allow List Partner

Two Tiers:
3000 Miami: 0.305 ETH, max mint: 4
500 Global: 1.25 ETH, max mint: 1

**Courtyard – Genesis**
11:00 AM
0.2 :weth: /800
Drop was delayed till Today because of polygon issues.

This drop is on Polygon. You need WETH, and some matic to pay for the gas fee.

Courtyard’s NFT packs will contain PSA Graded Pokemon cards (1 per pack)
They claim to have inserted more value into these packs than they will be getting back from their sale, equivalent to about $480k. This is very much a degen play. If you purchase, do it for fun, and for the thrill of ripping a pokemon PSA Graded card. They were not entirely clear on drop %, but you can get a good idea by checking out the infographic.

**Gucci Grail Mint Pass**
12:00 PM
1 :eth: /5,000
-Minting will be open for 24h

-you can use 2 Grails per NFT

-Using an NFT belonging to one of the featured NFT projects, your Mint Pass will transform to a unique and personalized NFT envisioned by Alessandro Michele and carefully crafted by Wagmi-san.

– Mint Pass Redemption – March 16th at 1PM EST to March 19th at 3AM EST. After this period, it will expire

– Final NFT Reveal – March 23rd

**MURI – allow list**
2:00 PM
0.15 :eth: /10,000
Allow List – 14th of March 3PM EST
– 50% of final Dutch auction of public

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