NFT Fart Jars are a Thing Now and You Can Get One For Just 0.05ETH!

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, NFT Fart jars came along! 90 Day Fiancé reality star Stephanie Matto is moving her “fart business” to the blockchain after being hospitalized for flatulence. Now 5000 fart jars jpegs are available for 0.05 ETH (about $200), so she can possibly net $1 Million!

Stephanie Matto’s fart jars are now available as NFTs! Credit:

The Story Behind NFT Fart Jars

Matto has been at it for quite some time. In fact, in a YouTube video posted last month, she claimed to have made $100,000 from her flatulence business. “I feel like I’m the Einstein of fart jars at this point,” she says.

She’s been documenting her fart jar grind on her social media accounts. “I like to get things rolling with some beans, a protein muffin, sometimes a yogurt… some hard-boiled eggs. While I wait for those farts to develop, I like to read,” she said in a “day in the life” video on Instagram in November. Initially, she sold fart jars with flower petals and a hand-written note for $1,000, on sale for 50 percent off. 97 people purchased her unique product!

However, she developed health issues because of her fart-inducing lifestyle. She even had to be hospitalized because of a heart attack scare which turned out to be a gas problem. Some fart creators go the easy way by using sound effects, pre-recorded farts or air-enemas. In Matto’s case, she did everything organically by pumping her body with gas-inducing meals. Following doctor’s orders, she had to step back from her business.

Then, she found a way to pivot her business thanks to NFTs!

According to the site, aside from the 5000 fart jar digital art, she’s also selling 100 tokens that will be redeemable for an actual fart jar. 70 NFTs will get you panties worn by Matto, 30 will get you used lingerie and 10 NFTs are redeemable for jars with an ACTUAL fart! Additionally, NFT holders can access perks like a private Discord channel or meeting Matto over Zoom.

NFT and Fetish Market

Matto’s NFT offering is anchored on the farting fetish, which has been around for the longest time. Thus, even the website is provocative and angled to appeal to this crowd. “Imagine the smell!” the website says. “These NFTs are just as beautiful, unique, and rare as my actual poots! You can practically smell how delightful they are through the screen. Just use your imagination!”

As of press time, her niche-based Discord channel has over 3000 members proving that the NFT and fetish market works. To be fair to Matto, she’s been very transparent to the NFT community. “The FART JAR project has no roadmap,” the website states. “The tokens have clear and obvious utility; if you have a rare ‘redeemable trait,’ the token can be burned for real-life collectibles.”

So no grad plans like a video game or future partnership with other projects. So ironically, her fart jars are a breath of fresh air!

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