NFT Influencers Farokh and Beanie Sell Their Precious Apes, But Why?

It has been recently noticed that NFT influencer Beanie has sold his Honorary Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. Also, NFT influencer and founder of Rug Radio, Farokh sold his ape that he was going to keep “forever”. The question that everyone on Twitter is asking is why?

Farokh and Beanie are two of the biggest NFT influencers, leaving everyone to wonder why they’d sell their BAYCs?

Farokh and Beanie Selling Bored Apes

In one of the biggest bull runs we’ve seen in the NFT space, particularly for Bored Ape Yacht Club. NFT influencers Beanie and Farokh have sold their extremely valuable and sought after NFTs. For Beanie, his Honorary Bored Ape and for Farokh, the ape he said he’d hold “forever”.

These sales have left Twitter wondering what’s happening, with one user (@dtrain22k) simply stating the facts and saying: “people sell stuff”, referring to Farokh and Beanie. It could be a simple matter of taking profits when the collection is hot. But some are worrying that they know something is happening. This has happened before a lot in the space, both with this pair, and with others.

What’s causing further concern is the fact that Farokh recently interviewed the recently doxxed founders of the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, with @NFTsAnonymous stating that “The timing is uncanny”.

Hopefully, this is nothing to worry about for the Bored Ape community and is just the simple matter of Farokh and Beanie taking profits, which is often recommended during a bull run by many people in the space.

Farokh has confirmed that he is still a major fan of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the team behind it, he said in response to a Tweet: “I own 3 locked apes, 1 mutant and a dog. You have no idea what you’re talking abt and it shows. Must be new.”


About the BAYC Honorary Members

The BAYC Honorary Members NFTs are something that is often under the radar within conversations around NFTs. They are a collection of 35 Bored Apes outwith the 10,000 regular Apes. They were made to show appreciation to ‘OG supporters’. The people who have been fans and helped out with the project since before the pre-sale. The current floor price on Opensea sits at 150 ETH and there are currently only 12 for sale, with the second cheapest at 170 ETH.

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