NFT NYC Releases First Round of Speakers and NFTevening is confirmed!

NFT NYC has officially rolled out its first batch of confirmed speakers. NFT NYC hosted a highly successful and well-attended event in November 2021. As a result, the June 2022 edition promises to be one of, if not the biggest NFT conferences of the year. What’s more, NFTevening’s very own Théo Sastre-Garau is one of the selected speakers who will feature at NFT NYC!

NFT NYC returns to Times Square, June 20-23, 2022. Credit: NFT NYC

The marquee event announces 366 Speakers

NFT NYC 2021 was a major event, with over 5,000 attendees and over 500 speakers. Now, following the success of the event in November 2021, preparations for NFT NYC 2022 are in full swing. To that end, NFT NYC put out its full list of the 366 speakers that it has confirmed so far.

There has been a ton of interest in NFT NYC, both for those wanting to speak at the event and for those simply looking to attend. As a matter of fact, NFT NYC received over 600 applications from hopeful speakers. In comparison, NFT NYC received about 1,000 speaker applications total in 2021.

Without a doubt, this speaks to the incredible impact that the 2021 edition of NFT NYC had on the NFT community. It seems fair to say that NFT NYC is shaping up to be the biggest event on the NFT space’s calendar in 2022. This will be the 4th annual NFT NYC event, but it surely won’t be the last.

Of course, NFTevening is thrilled to announce that Co-Founder, Théo Sastre-Garau will be one of the speakers taking to the stage at NFT NYC. He said about the event,

“I am thrilled and honored to participate as a speaker at such a major event. I can’t wait to meet all the NFT and crypto entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who will be present in NYC!”

Over 600 people applied to speak at NFT NYC in just four weeks. Credit: NFT NYC

NFT NYC takes over New York for the second time in 8 months

The NFT NYC event was a huge milestone for the NFT community. Indeed, it was one of the highest-profile NFT events ever. Notable speakers from across the NFT industry, and thousands of NFT enthusiasts made their way to NYC for the occasion. As a result, it featured in countless mainstream news stories for weeks. To say nothing of the multiple Times Square billboards for NFT projects, and for NFT NYC itself, that ran during the event.

Some of the big highlights from November included BAYC’s first-ever Ape Fest, and a panel discussion featuring Quentin Tarantino, speaking about his, then-upcoming NFT release with SCRT Labs. There were NFT exhibitions and big NFT sales, as well as major appearances, talks, and events from the likes of VeeCon creator Gary Vee, and blue-chip NFT Cool Cats.

Those looking to attend this year’s edition of NFT NYC can register for tickets on its website. There are $599 General Admission tickets and $1,499 VIP tickets, both of which are available until May 8th.

In addition, NFT NYC is still filling its slots for speakers. So if you’re interested in joining Théo on the NFT NYC stage, you can apply here. The speaker applications will be open until 5 pm EST on April 30th. You can also find the current list of confirmed speakers here.

All in all, as NFTs continue to soar into the mainstream, and COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease up across the globe, one has to imagine that more and more big NFT events will take place. Not just in 2022, but in the years to come.

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