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Let’s try something new.  We share the most interesting drops of the day in our discord (when there are interesting drops). We run each drop through a formula that mixes price, followers, momentum, originality, utility and more and try to cover the most interesting ideas in the space.  Sometimes they turn out to be great projects, sometimes they dont.  But here are todays most interesting drops out of the 20+ that have come across our desks.

With this drop and all drops, we recommend doing your own due diligence. These projects passed the formulaic threshold to achieve likely momentum but with all projects there are risks including the developers rugging the project, etc.

Gummies Gang ( oversubscribed whitelist)
5:00 AM
0.075 :eth: /6,969

A community driven project of 6969 randomly generated highly chewy NFTs on ethereum. Each Gummies gives holders tasty access to future releases and grants you entry to the Gummies Gang! Over 169+ traits all gummies are fun and unique.
Gummies Holders:

  • Highly Gummy PFP
  • Gummies Brand Merchandise – Plushies, hoodies and more!
  • Comic Book Release Ft.Gummies Gang!
  • Art Extensions – 3D Gummies, Animations ++!
  • Collectively help the community and grow the future of Gummies Kingdom!

VeVe – Marvel Digital Comics — Inhumans #5

The next offering in VeVe’s digital comic line-up continues with another iconic comic from Marvel — Inhumans #5! Fully readable, with five cover rarities in blind box format.

  • 10:00 AM 6.99 GEMS /30,000
  • COMMON — Classic Cover: 21,000
  • UNCOMMON — Vintage Variant: 5,000
  • RARE — Hero Variant: 2,350
  • ULTRA RARE — Vibranium Variant: 1,050
  • SECRET RARE — True Believer Variant: 600



The first NFT battle royale is here. Holders will spectate as their soldiers (NFTs) passively battle to earn prizes. Your soldiers will do all the battling for you. Get streamlined updates and real time results on the website and Discord. Season 1 begins immediately after mint.
11:00 AM
0.069 :eth: /8,888

Forest Spirits by ZeNFT


3:00 PM 0.1 :eth: / 8,888 Forest Spirits

Phase 1: Friday April 8 at 4 PM EST — Bonsai owner mint opens at 0.08 ETH or equivalent $APE price

Phase 2: Saturday April 9 at 4PM EST — Partner mintlist opens at 0.1 ETH or equivalent $APE price

Monster Champions Genesis Collections
.069 :eth: ~6500 Remaining
Monster Champions is a web3 game and the genesis mint comes with bonus eggs that wont be available after this period

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