at the Heart of Metaverse Interoperability in Geckoland

The pioneers constructing the metaverse have a number of important goals. One of these is the concept of navigating seamlessly between a huge network of virtual worlds. So, here at, we are ready to give you a glimpse of this future. Right now, avid metaverse travellers can experience a taste of this internet connected myriad of digital universes.


As part of its incredible “GeckoCon” conference, CoinGecko is hosting its very own venue in Geckoland is a tiny 2D pixelated world hosting a magnificent celebration of NFTs. Inside are a number of cool activities and workshops, including art galleries, conference halls, a park, memeland and more, plus, contributions from a some of Geckocon’s proud sponsors, with a dedicated region. From there guests can teleport to any one of the venues in Cryptovoxels, Somnium Space, and Decentraland.

The Metaverse

To highlight’ contribution to CoinGecko’s magnificent event, the Cryptovoxels auditorium plays host to a live viewing stage of the conference, streaming proceedings right into the metaverse. Then, heading into Decentraland and Somnium Space, users will find a live exhibition in association with the Tezos blockchain, wherein resides a selection of wonderful artworks by some of Asia’s finest creators.

Furthermore, a little investigation within each location will reward guests with portals to venues throughout the crypto realm. Flit form one to the other at the touch of a button, and experience all the great things has to offer. Now that’s progress.

What this represents is the early stages of interoperability. So far, we can travel to each of the locations that exist in three of the major metaverses around today. However, imagine thousands of such worlds existing in tandem throughout the digital sphere. Games, nightlife, concerts, conferences, sporting events and more. Then imagine that wherever you travel, you can take all of your non-fungible belongings with you. That is the future where these innovations will eventually lead. That is the metaverse. We’re juts playing a small role in helping it become a reality.

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