Opulous claim Lil Yachty did give them permission to use his likeness after all

We recently published an article about Lil Yachty suing Opulous for trademark infringement. To discuss his side of the story, Opulous issued a brief statement in response to Lil Yachty’s lawsuit, saying:

“Contrary to the assertions in the complaint filed by Lil Yatchy, Opulous’s uses of Lil Yatchy’s name and likeness were all authorized by Lil Yatchy and his representatives. We intend to vigorously defend ourselves against these meritess claims”

Last year, Opolous announced exclusive NFTs via Twitter. Credit : Twitter

Lil Yachty and Opulous legal battle

To begin, Opulous is a blockchain-based music platform founded by Ditto Music CEO, Lee Parsons. In June last year, the music company said in a press release that it was teaming with Binance to create and sell ” exclusive NFTs” from artists including Lil Yachty and Kyle.

Last week, Lil Yachty filed a lawsuit that states that Opulous knowingly used Lil Yatchy’s image without permission. This lawsuit claimed that MBW published articles about “exclusive NFT’s“. According to the articles, Opulous founder was able to capitalize on the attention and raise $6.5 million in venture capital.

Conversely, the company claims that the rapper gave the go-ahead for Opulous to create exclusive NFTs bearing Lil Yachty’s name.

Furthermore, according to the company’s statement, all of the claims were baseless.

On the other hand, the lawsuit by Lil Yachty claimed that MBW published articles about “exclusive NFT’s.” According to the articles, Opulous founder Lee James Parsons was able to capitalize on the attention and raise $6.5 million in venture capital “to fund the next stage of its growth.”

Let’s see how these events unfold, until then; read here to learn more about the entire story.


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