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The PGA Tour is about to make a move into the NFT sphere and is finalizing partnerships with multiple NFT companies in order to help create additional revenue streams for players. It will be able to achieve this goal once a quorum of Tour players officially pledge their support.

Information about the deals was sent to players in an email last week, and detailed further in a newsletter shared with Tour members on Monday. The last paragraph of the newsletter section is the most important: “To be eligible for these programs, a player must

An email we sent to players last week appeared in the newsletter and was shared with Tour members yesterday. Soure:

PGA NFT Rewards

Top 30: $50,000

31-70: $30,000

71-125: $20,000

Worth noting is that PGA players will still be able to create their own NFTs and these will essentially become cards that are officially backed by the PGA.

Importantly to the players, all “net revenue from the platform will flow directly to participating members.” Net revenue, in the case of NBA Top Shot, is a 5% seller’s fee involved in every transaction that is split between the league, the players union and the parent company, Dapper Laps. When millions of dollars of transactions take place each day, the value adds up.  – Sean Zak

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