Picasso Family in an internal feud after the heirs’ choice to sell Picasso NFTs

The Pablo Picasso estate has just confirmed it won’t sell Picasso NFTs anytime soon. An internal family feud reportedly broke out after Marina and Florian Picasso publicly announced a Pablo Picasso NFT collection.

Florian and Marina Picasso had to go back on their word after the Picasso administration cancelled their NFT plans.
Source: AP Photo & Boris Heger

On January 26th, Marina and Florian Picasso announced they’ll be selling 1,010 NFTs of a hand-painted ceramic work by the late artist at an auction in March. Additionally, Florian stated that this collection is the first of many NFT collections.

It seems like the rest of the Picassos weren’t happy with Marina and Florian’s decision to jump on the NFT bandwagon. Cyril Noterman, Florian Picasso’s longtime business manager, publicly defended Florian. He claimed that the NFTs are part of a Florian Picasso collection, and not a Pablo Picasso one.

On the other hand, Jean-Jacques Neuer, a lawyer for the Picasso Administration, stated that only the family’s administrator – Claude Ruiz Picasso – has the power to authorise such projects. At this point in time, the administrator is not interested in dropping any NFTs. In fact, yesterday, Florian had to publicly confirm the  NFT project’s cancellation.

The Picasso Administration oversees everything related to the late artist’s artworks and intellectual property. It manages the holdings of three of Picasso’s children, namely, Claude Ruiz Picasso, Paloma Ruiz Picasso and Maya Widmaier Picasso. It also manages two grandchildren, Bernard Ruiz Picasso and Marina Ruiz Picasso.

The NFT boom has led many heirs and estates of iconic artists and musicians to create NFT projects. Recently, Julian Lennon – John Lennon’s son – announced a Lennon and Beatles NFT project; while the Richard Bernstein estate is also dropping NFTs this coming week.

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