PILI Fantasy enters a partnership with VeVe to drop War of Dragons NFTs

Pili Fantasy will launch a series of NFTs on VeVe based on their Netflix hit Pili Fantasy: War of Dragons. The NFT release is set to be on Feb 6, 2022, in conjunction with the Lunar New Year. This is the first NFT series by the Taiwanese multimedia company, and also represents an addition to VeVe’s Asian-based NFT collection.

This drop will feature four main characters from the TV series and will be released via VeVe’s signature blind box method. The blind boxes give buyers an added layer of excitement as they will not know which NFT they will be getting until after the purchase. Essentially, the blind boxes give all buyers an equal chance of getting a coveted NFT. Buyers do have the option of purchasing multiple pieces to increase their chances of getting their favorite character.

Pili NFT dropping on Feb 6, 2022!

Pili Fantasy

War of Dragons premiered in 2019 utilizing animated action figures. This has been a continuous effort by the company, which is working towards promoting glove puppetry. The TV series surrounds a turf war between the 2 Dragon Kings and their respective Dragon Generals. Moreover, the show uses Taiwanese Hokkien, a rare sight on Netflix indeed.

This series is the most representative work by Pili International Multimedia Co., Ltd, which is based in Taipei, Taiwan. The puppet show has successfully debuted on Netflix, airing in 190 countries. The company has built a reputation over the last 30 years among Taiwanese fans and has spread to other countries. For instance. they have also seen success in Japan among the anime community.

The Pili and VeVe partnership is a win for both companies. The complementary relationship adds diversity to VeVe’s Western collection such as its DC and Marvel series. Pili’s collection of Wuxia heroes can onboard a completely new group of fans and followers for VeVe. On the other hand, VeVe’s experience with comic and movie-based NFTs offers a plug-and-play approach for Pili to enter the NFT space.

Featured characters

The partnership between Pili Fantasy and VeVe will feature 4 of the main characters in the Netflix TV series. This includes Su Huan-Jen, Feng Cai-Ling, Ye Xiao-Chai, and Hua Xin-Feng. These are beloved characters in the show and are sure to have an avid fan following. In addition, all of them are protagonists except Hua Xin-Feng. However, he is often portrayed as an honorable warrior that will not tolerate an unfair fight.

Half God, half immortal: Su Huan-Jen. Credit: Pili
Son of the Bloody Hand Devil: Ye Xiao-Chai, Credit: Pili

VeVe is clearly making strides in the NFT space, onboarding international collections as well as upgrading their infrastructure. There are still a few more days until the series drops on VeVe. In the meantime, you can join the adventures of Su Huan-Jen in PILI Fantasy: War of Dragons.

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